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16-year-old girl is seeking justice after being raped for two years after being lured into marriage

Surkhet: 16-year-old Dobhan (name changed) has now reached the police station seeking justice.

The girl, who lives in West Surkhet, has been raped by a 21-year-old man called Kamal Majhi (Kale) from the village for two years in an attempt to get her married. Her health report showed that she had a nine-week-old baby in her womb.

It has been mentioned in the complaint that the Dalit girl was raped by Majhi in her room, home and school at different times. Although they tried to solve his problem in the village, the young man has been absconding since June 9. Then the girl came to the police station asking for justice.

The victim girl said that he had been raping her for two years by giving various assurances that she would get married.

He sometimes came to my room at night, sometimes took me to his house and sometimes even took me to school saying that he loves me and will marry me. When you tell him that you have a child, you are from a small caste, he will not accept you at home. ran away from the village. They cut things off in the village society,’ said the victim girl, ‘I would get justice only after taking action against those who made me homeless like this.’

The victim, a 16-year-old girl, has passed SEE this year alone with a GPA of 2.40. The youngest of three brothers and two sisters, she dreams of becoming a staff nurse after studying.

After the incident, she is now asking for justice saying that her studies and dreams have been ruined. She is taking shelter in an NGO’s home in Birendranagar.

Due to this incident, the doctor participating in his medical examination says that he also had mental problems.

The girl’s sister-in-law said that after promising to marry her for two years, the girl’s sister-in-law came to the police seeking justice when the perpetrator’s family did not pay attention to solving the problem.

We were going to India, there was only mother-in-law, father-in-law but Nanda at home. At first we didn’t know anything. He showed greed to get married and had sexual relations again and again. When Nanda’s menstruation stopped, only then did this matter come out,” said the girl’s sister-in-law, who came to the police office with the baby in her arms. However, after they chased away the boy, we came to the district.

She requested that the young man who raped the minor Nanda be punished according to the law.

Like other things, this matter could not be resolved in the village. Again she is a minor. On top of that, she has a baby in her stomach,” said the girl’s sister-in-law, “They are upper caste. They may have even believed us that they can’t do anything. Even the village society did not give up on us. Here too me and my seven month old baby got hurt in an auto accident. The treatment was done with the help of the ladies of the organization.

The victim’s parents are ordinary farmers. His father works as a mason (house builder) in the village. My sister is married, while my brother and sister-in-law are earning a living by working in India.

Due to this incident, parents are also suffering from mental problems as negative things are heard about them in the village. The victim girl filed a rape complaint against the young man in the police on July 4. As the young man is absconding, the police have started searching for him.

“We have received a complaint. We have also done the health examination of the girl and the incident report,” Police Inspector Parshuram Chaudhary of the District Police Office said, “Since the boy is absconding, we are continuing to search for him in various ways.”

This is Kishari’s statement

Kamal Majhi, a neighbor of the village called Kale, told me that he loved me two years ago when I was in school. I did care. I was also impressed as I was constantly being followed. He was two grades higher than me. He had sex with me saying he would marry me. Then there was frequent forced sex. When he resisted, he would say yes to marriage. He was also known as a bit of a badass in the village. He also consumed alcohol and marijuana. As my sister got married and my brother-in-law went to India, only my parents and I used to stay in my house.

My parents used to sleep in another room and I used to sleep in another room. He used to come there and force me. When I tried to cry, he threatened to silence me. Days, months and years passed like that. A few months ago, suddenly I felt vomiting, dizzy. Menstruation also stopped. Sister in law came home from India so I told everything to sister in law. Then he bought a pregnancy test kit from the hospital. A child was seen. I told that to Kamal. He doesn’t belong to me. Accused that it was someone else’s. Again he said that you cannot get married because of caste mismatch. Instead of discussing it with my family, the next day he ran away from the village and disappeared.

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