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9 evergreen Nepali bands: Why are they standing the test of time?

Amid the ever-changing Nepali musical scene, evergreen Nepali bands are a mystery.

In the Nepali musical scene, a lot of bands are formed, yet only a few of them sustain themselves in the long run. There are various reasons such as financial crisis, family pressure and different priorities behind the disbanding of the bands. But, there are some evergreen Nepali bands that have defied everything and stood the test of time.

This week, Onlinekhabar has come up with a list of bands that have added value to the Nepali musical field and can be said old but gold.

1. Nepathya

The folk-rock band Nepathya have never failed to amaze the audience with their beautiful and inspiring songs. One of the oldest bands in Nepal, they have been entertaining for more than three decades and are still unstoppable under the leadership of its frontman Amrit Gurung.

As one of the evergreen Nepali bands, they are still active in doing and producing shows. Just recently, they performed among Nepali fans in Australia before completing the Nepal tour. In 2022, the band released three new songs: Sainli Morilai, Naina Taala and Bhatbhate. But, the band are popular for their songs such as Resham, Bhedako Oon Jasto, Sa Karnali, Yo Jindagani, Aaganai Bhari and many others.

2. 1974 AD

Formed in 1994, this rock band also contributed so much to the Nepali music scene though they had to go through some difficult times. In 2015, they disbanded, and this news then disappointed thousands of fans of the Nepali rock scene. And after a hiatus of four years, in 2019, the band reunited to get established as one of the evergreen Nepali bands. Since then, the band have been continuously producing music.

Their songs Parelima, Sambodhan, and Nepali Ho are widely played inside and outside the country. Some of the band’s latest releases are Deurali Bhanjyang, Bela, Jiuna Deu and Mannche Ko Jeewan.

3. The Edge Band

Pop rock band The Edge Band are popularly known for their songs based on romantic yet tragic lyrics.  Nachaheko Haina, Samjhiney Mutu, Thaha Chaina, and Timro Yaad are some of the band’s most popular songs. Formed in 1998, they are still actively doing national and international musical tours as one of the popular evergreen Nepali bands.

4. Albatross

This rock band that kicked off their journey as an underground three-man thrash metal band in 1998 have now achieved an eminent height in the Nepali music sector. Albatross so far have released four albums Hi:fly (1999), Jo Jas Sanga Sambandhit Chha (2005), Atti Bhayo (2011) and Ma Ra Malai (2015) with a new album, Raat Ko Raani, set to release soon.

Comprising of Shirish Dali as frontman, Sunny Manandhar (Suncha Vox) on guitar, Abhaya Siddhi Bajracharya in bass and Kismat Shrestha in drums, the band are responsible for cult classics such as Farki Farki, Khaseka Tara, and Nischal.

5. The Shadows Nepal

Hard rock band The Shadows Nepal were formed in 1997. As one of the evergreen Nepali bands, they usually sing songs about nature, politics and social justice and more. The Shadows Nepal, to date, have released two albums–Suna Hamro Sano Awaaz and Hidne Manchhe Ladchha–the second of which gave them notable popularity.

The current line-up of the band includes Swapnil Sharma on vocals, Prakash Rasaily on guitars, Sujan Manandhar on guitar, Sahil Risal on drums and Amit Pradhan on bass.

6. Cobweb

Cobweb have spent three decades since the rock band Cobweb are rocking the Nepali music scene as one of the evergreen Nepali bands. So far, the band have released eight albums, sung 65 songs, performed over 5,000 gigs and toured eight countries.

The band’s current lineup includes Divesh Mulmi on vocal and guitar, Nilesh Joshi on bass, Siddhartha Dhakhawa on drums, Sanjay Aryal on vocals and Sujan Tandukar on guitar. They are popular for the songs like Maryo Ni Maryo, Timro Maya, Mercedes Benz and Mero Lagi.

7. Mt 8848

Folk-rock band Mt 8848 were formed in 2005. Since their early days, the band have been able to show their versatility by playing different genres like Nepali folk, blues, country, jazz, rock and others. One of the evergreen Nepali bands, the band are very popular among rock heads, and some of their songs are remarkably popular among listeners. So far, the band have released two albums, both of which are a hit among the Nepali rock music fraternity.

In late 2019, Mt 8848 got their new vocalist Jigmee Wangchuk Lepcha replacing Darshan Rai. The band on February 3 this year released a new song Sampati on YouTube.

8. Abhaya Subba and the Steam Injuns

Abhaya Subba and the Steam Injuns were formed in 2003. Initially, they were an acoustic blues band but later it turned out into a rock band. The band have been a part of numerous national and international tours. Some popular numbers of Abhaya Subba and the Steam Injuns are Timro Lagi, Sakdina, and Hawa Huree.

9. The Axe Band

The Axe Band are one of the very few three-man evergreen Nepali bands. They are popular for their funky sound.

The 30-year-old band have contributed to the Nepali music industry with their evergreen songs such as Lukna Deu Malai, Euta Chhithi, Praye Sadai, and Simana.

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