9 Secret YouTube Features You May Not Know About

On YouTube, we watch videos related to topics we are interested in whenever we can. As we get used to YouTube, we become aware of some of its features, while some features are not visible to us.

YouTube also has features that we don’t know about, which help us to have a better experience on that platform. Today we are giving information about nine features that all YouTube users must know.

YouTube watch time

While watching a video on YouTube, we don’t realize that time has passed. In the end, you feel that you have wasted your precious time. For that you can track your watch time.

YouTube introduced a feature called ‘Time Watch’ targeting users. With the help of this feature, you can know how much time you have spent on YouTube. Follow the below procedure for that:

– First of all, open YouTube on your phone.

– Then tap on the profile icon at the top right.

– Tap on the ‘Time Watched’ option there. Then you can see the data of how much you watched daily and how much time you watched in a week.

Set a reminder to take a break

If you are worried about spending too much time on YouTube, this is a useful feature for you. By using this feature you can make yourself spend less time on YouTube. Follow the below procedure for that:

– First of all, open the YouTube app.

– Then tap on the profile icon at the top right.

– And go to ‘Time Watched’ option.

– After doing this, turn on the option of ‘Remind me to take a break’ (Remind me to take a break).

– After that, choose the time after which you will inform about the break. Generally, after watching YouTube videos for 20 to 30 minutes, taking a break is good for health.

– After the time is set, tap the Dawn button.

After that, YouTube will remind you to take a break after the time you set.

To zoom easily

YouTube has recently introduced a feature where any video can be zoomed up to eight times. If you need to zoom in on any video, you can zoom by pinching (moving with two fingers).

How to enable or disable autoplay

After watching any video on YouTube, we get two moods. In some cases, after the end of a video, another video seems to play by itself, and in some cases, after the completion of a running video, it does not want any video to play.

So for both these situations you can use the autoplay feature.

You can enable or disable the autoplay feature from the settings or from the live viewing screen. To enable or disable this feature from the screen of the video being watched, the autoplay feature can be turned on or off from the button directly above the playpause button.

Follow the below procedure to enable or disable this feature from settings:

– First of all, open the YouTube app.

– Then tap on the profile icon at the top right.

– And go to Settings option.

– After doing this, go to the Auto Play option and enable or disable that feature.

Autoplay video in feed

If we open the YouTube app on the phone, in some cases the video appears to be playing by itself. In this case, you don’t have to tap the video and watch it. You can find out what is being said in the video from outside.

This feature is not suitable in all cases. Even the videos that we don’t like can get bored after they are played by themselves. So you can enable or disable this feature. Follow the below procedure for that:

– First of all, open the YouTube app.

– Then click on the profile icon on the top right.

– After doing this, go to the settings and go to the ‘General’ option.

– And, press on the option of playback in feed.

– It has ‘Always On’ (plays whenever), ‘Wi-Fi Only’ (plays videos on YouTube feed only when connected to Wi-Fi) and Off (doesn’t play) options. Choose the option that suits you.

Ambient mode on YouTube

Ambient Mode is a feature that makes watching videos on YouTube easier on the eyes. Usually, when the ambient mode is off, the top of the video playing on YouTube and the box containing the title and description have a light or dark color depending on the mode of the phone.

However, as soon as the ambient mode is turned on, the dark or light screen part disappears from the bottom or top of the video. In that part, the same color as in the video is placed as a blur color. Follow the below procedure to turn on Ambient Mode in YouTube.

– First, open the YouTube app and play a video. (The effect of ambient mode is not visible when the video is placed on full screen. So keep it in normal mode.)

– And tap on the settings icon on the top right.

– Then you see the ambient mode option. You can turn this mode on or off according to your needs.

YouTube’s incognito mode

Using incognito mode in the browser prevents any website from tracking us. You can also use incognito mode on YouTube to prevent them from tracking your activities on that platform.

Apart from that, in some cases we have to watch things on YouTube that we are not interested in. After that video is over, give us a similar video

The recommendation comes. So to avoid such things you can use incognito mode on YouTube.

Follow the steps below to watch videos on YouTube using incognito mode:

– First of all, open the YouTube app.

– Then click on the profile icon on the top right.

– And tap on ‘Turn on Incognito’ option. If you do this, YouTube incognito mode will open on your device.

– To turn off the mode, press the icon on the top right of YouTube again.

– And tap on the option of ‘Turn off Incognito’.

To fast forward or rewind the video

YouTube has a double tap feature to fast forward and rewind a video. However, you can use another feature of YouTube to move the video to the time you want at once.

To use this feature recently introduced by YouTube, keep tapping for a while while the video is playing or paused. Then move to the place that suits you.

To view the transcript of the video

On YouTube, some creators have put the transcript of the video themselves, while in some videos, YouTube has put it automatically. Transcript refers to what topic is discussed in the video at what time.

There is no problem with the video created by the creator. However, if YouTube has kept the transcript itself, it may not be 100% correct. Therefore, not all videos are available in transcript. Follow the steps below to use the Transcript feature:

– First, tap on the title of the video with the transcript.

– Then click on the more option in the description box.

– After doing this, there are options written about the time and what content is available at that time.

– Tap on the time you want to watch the content. You can view the transcript like this.

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