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A huge alien spaceship hidden in our solar system is monitoring us!


A Harvard scientist and a Pentagon official have given startling information. In his research, he says that there may be giant spaceships of aliens around our solar system. It can be involved in the exploration of the planets of the solar system, for which the spacecraft is sending small missions to our solar system.

Aliens are a topic that has intrigued scientists and people around the world for years. Is there anyone in this universe other than humans? Is life possible outside the earth? This question is still relevant today. The presence of giant spaceships of aliens has reinforced this question.

AV Loeb, an astronomer at Harvard University, and Sean M., director of the Pentagon’s AARO. Kirkpatrick drafted his information into a document. Both believe that there may be extraterrestrial or alien spaceships in our galaxy. It is collecting information about the planets by sending small spacecraft, just as humans are sending missions to extraterrestrial planets.

The full form of AARO is All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office. It was established by the US Department of Defense in July last year. The purpose of AARO is to detect and study cases related to UFOs, UAPs or aliens. The same department has prepared a draft on physical deterrence in unidentified aerial phenomena, which is yet to be reviewed. However, this is not an official Pentagon document.

Astronomer Avi Loeb has been researching aliens for the past few years. In 2017, he discovered a cigar-shaped object. It was a comet, but it lacked the size and elements of a comet. Avi Loeb then speculated that it was an alien spacecraft. After this, AV Loeb began working on the possibility that an artificial interstellar object might be an alien spacecraft.

Even alien spaceships can reach Earth

According to a Live Science report, Avi Loeb and Pentagon officials have speculated that smaller spaceships could reach Earth than alien giant spaceships. They can come to our planet by hiding in the glare of the Sun, which makes them undetectable even by telescopes.

Both authors believe that aliens want to explore the planets of our solar system. If he succeeds in finding water, Earth may become his favorite planet.

“Equipped with the large surface-to-mass ratio of parachutes, technological ‘dandelion seeds’ can escape combustion in Earth’s atmosphere and then decelerate to pursue their objectives wherever they arrive,” they wrote.

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