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Actress Anjali’s sex scandal revealed that she spent the night with a Russian man for money!

Many people know about the controversy of actress Anjali Arora’s bold dance video and MMS (Anjali Arora MMS) scandal. It also includes one of her revelations in which she said she had a night party with a Russian man for money. Anjali herself revealed this incident.

Apart from this, his expression of love for Munwar Farooqui is also full of controversy. Anjali admits that she still loves Munawwar but Munawwar has a different reaction.

1, Anjali Arora shared a hot dance video before the MMS video went viral
Anjali Arora was in the limelight on social media before the MMS scandal because of her hot dance videos. These videos not only increased her fan following on social media, but also invited many trolls. Anjali has also faced many negative comments regarding this video.

2, How did Anjali Arora get the Kangana Ranaut show?
It is said that Anjali was invited to Kangana Ranaut’s show ‘Lock Up’ due to her love hate pictures on social media. Everywhere she proved to be the most controversial and popular contestant.

3, Anjali Arora still loves Munwar Farooqui
Anjali of ‘Kachcha Badam’ fame expressed her feelings towards co-contestant Munwar Farooqui during the lock up. Anjali told that she fell in love with Munawwar. However, Munawwar did not respond to Anjali’s statement. Not only this, once Munawwar advised Anjali to get treatment from a ‘mind doctor’ for this.

4, Anjali Arora video scandal
Anjali was recently in the headlines because a sex video went viral. In which people mistook the girl as Anjali Arora. But it has not been independently confirmed.

5, Anjali’s explanation in MMS video
This video of Anjali was in the news for a long time, but seeing that it was growing, she herself came forward and gave a clarification on the matter. Anjali said crying that the girl seen in this video is different. Appealing to her parents, Anjali asked them not to play with her honor.

6, Anjali Arora and Azma Fallah fight
Apart from this, Lock Up contestant Ajma Fallah’s reaction to Anjali’s MMS scandal was also in the news. During the show, Ajma Fallah and Anjali had a lot of fight. Meanwhile, even after coming out, these two leave no chance to pull each other’s legs. His claim that the scandal was Anjali’s made waves.

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