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After the spread of the eye-popping ‘viral flu’, the hospital is crowded

Eye rot has spread in Jhapa. The local hospital reported that there has been an increase in the number of blind patients in the hospital.

Eye hospitals in Mechinagar, Birtamod, Bhadrapur and Damak areas have a high number of patients coming for treatment due to dry eyes. Many people in the same house have been infected with this disease.

Ophthalmologist Pushpa Adhikari of Mechi Eye Hospital Birtamod said that daily about 500 patients come with eye problems. 1,200 patients visit the hospital daily for OPD examination. He said that 40 percent of the eye patients who come to the hospital have eye problems.

Binod Dahal, ophthalmic assistant at Birtamod Eye Hospital, said that at the beginning of the infection, eye watering and itching problems appear. He informed that it is called ‘Seasonal Viral Infection’ and also said that symptoms such as watery eyes, tears flowing, and difficulty seeing in the sun appear.

Dahal informed that out of 600 patients who come to Birtamod Eye Hospital daily, 300 patients come for treatment with eye problems. He said that its outbreak will spread in summer and people of all ages will be infected. He said that this disease has been more prevalent in school and college students recently.

Ophthalmologist Yogendra Raut said that around 100 people come to Mechi Ophthalmology in Kakkadvitta of Mechinagar for treatment every day. He informed that due to ‘viral flu’, the eye disease is spreading and the disease will be cured within a week after the treatment.

14-year-old Roshika Tamang of Mechinagar-4 Bahundangi said that she went to Mechi Eye Clinic in Kakadvitta for treatment after the problem of redness and swelling of her eyes appeared at first. After a week of treatment at the hospital, he started to feel better.

Doctors say that the eye disease of a person can easily spread to family members and friends through mobiles, clothes, etc. It has been observed that there is crowding in Kankadvitta Eye Hospital, Divyajyoti Eye Hospital, Drishti Eye Hospital, Provincial Hospital Bhadrapur and BNDC Hospital for the treatment of infected eye diseases. Rasas

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