All party appeal to preserve social harmony in Dharan

Thirteen political parties active in Sunsari’s Dharan have collectively appealed to all to refrain from activities that disturb social harmony.

The all-party meeting of 13 political parties held in Dharan on Friday requested the postponement of the public demonstration scheduled to be held tomorrow in Dharan and appealed not to provoke social harmony on the basis of any caste, religion and region.


Some Hindu supporters have called for a demonstration on Saturday saying that a cow was slaughtered and eaten in Dharan and a church was built in front of the temple. Therefore, the administration has issued a prohibition order as it may affect communal harmony.

In the statement, CPN-S President Revathiraman Rai, JSP Nepal President Tajub Limbu, RSVP Coordinator Rajeshman Shrestha, RPP Secretary Tilak Magar, Civil Liberties Party Vice President Padam Khewahang, Nepali Congress Dharan Chairman Shyam Pokharel, UML President Karmajung Aveng, Maoist President Surya Bahadur Bhattarai, NSSP Incharge Dinesh Rai, Saloram in-charge Bhupendra Sunder Lawati, Rajmupa Nepal Deputy General Secretary Vishnu Thamden, KHISP President Bhupi Kayi and Viveksheel Common Party central member Sudan Kumar Shrestha have signed.

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