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‘Alpha Pickle’ born of covid-19

In order to control the risk of covid-19 infection, a prohibition order was issued for the second time throughout Nepal. The market activity was somewhat relaxed when the first ban came before the second one. Meanwhile, the citizens were attracted to the agricultural business. A couple from Birendranagar-10, Ektanagar was also involved in agricultural production recently.

The broiler chicken breeding business was started by renting the vacant land of the neighbor near the house. The agricultural business, which started with 120 broilers in the first phase, was trying to pass the second phase, but suddenly the market price of broiler chickens fell.

Bhagwati Pariyar, a resident of Birendranagar-10, recalls, ‘The broiler reared in the beginning did well. Price was also found. And again, by doubling the number of chicks, we reared them. The price dropped suddenly. Later, the same thing happened for the third and fourth time. At that time, when the wholesale price of broiler chickens decreased to 140 rupees per kg, Bhagwati was not satisfied with the agricultural business.

It was also advised in the household that the time had come when the broiler chicken breeding business could not continue. Within a week, Bhagwati’s husband came up with a new plan to establish a pickle industry. She said, “He said that he saw pickle industry in a dream. And he said that the name is Alpha Pickle House. I also asked to make pickled meat.

The journey of ‘Alpha Pickle House’ started from there. Before setting up the industry, Bhagwati had a lot of experience with pickles. She always used to make pickle boxes at home. The family also used to make pickles from him. She recalled, “The pickle I made was liked at home.

Why, the pickle I made had a different taste. However, Bhagwati was not very experienced in meat pickles. Not much investment, the journey of Alpha Pickle started with an investment of a few thousand rupees. Family members liked pickles, neighbors liked it, and friends liked it. Now the industry is planning to enter the alpha pickle market by registering it. After the fall in the market price, all the chickens were used to make pickles.

Now the industry is producing 11 types of pickles. She says that pickles are sold at a monthly rate of up to one lakh rupees. About 30 to 35 percent of the amount is earned from this.

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Variety in pickles

Bhagwati is also known by the name of Sonu Varaili. Now she is becoming known as a name in the industry. The scheme, which was started during the prohibition, is now going through the second year of registration of the industry. The industry now makes three types of pickles for fish and meat. Similarly, satthari of vegetables and galka of amla are also products of the industry.

Both Bhagwati’s desire and her perseverance are combined in these products. The industry did not have to keep employees. Bhagwati herself produces pickles. But the investment and production expansion plan of the industry is going on. As for fish-meat pickles, there are ‘Wafko Achar, Chicken Meat Achar, Bangur Meat Achar and Sidra Fish Achar’.
Similarly, pickles such as ‘Dalle Khursani and Copper Pickle, Mula and Dalle Chilli Pickle, Amla Pickle, Fenugreek Pickle, Garlic and Ginger Pickle, Timur Chop’ are also the products of the industry. The income from these types of pickles produced by Shoukh has become the main source of income for Bhagwati’s family.

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Pickles to the consumer’s taste

Until now, Birendranagar market is the main market for the industry in terms of product sales and distribution. Also, Bhagwati’s husband is helping to sell and distribute pickles. When he reaches other districts, he reaches with pickles, and returns directly after selling them to consumers.

Alfa Pickle has started connecting its customers through the level of domestic business. Here, not only are the customers of the preparation producers, but the customers also demand to make pickles according to their taste. Bhagwati said, “Customers also ask us to make pickles by adding khasi, turkey, local chicken and other ingredients of their choice. We also make pickles according to demand.

The pressure of Indian pickles in the market is also on this Alpha Pickle House. Alpha Pickle is about to bring its products to consumers in front of cheap and attractive looking Indian pickles. But due to the lack of investment, Alpha Pickle has not been able to increase the number of its consumers and gain a grip on the market. Meanwhile, Alpha Pickle claims to be the best in terms of taste and health.

She said, “Earlier, there is an example of a customer buying our product after tasting Indian pickles and our pickles together. Our pickles are according to Nepalese taste. Salt, bitter and sour are mixed. That is why we are sure.

“Hand-made product”

The industry lacks a lot of equipment and technology, Alpha Pickle’s products should not be different from ‘hand made’. The industries of this region use various techniques and equipment for vegetable planting, cutting, drying and storage operations.

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It also helps industries to reduce production costs. But in the Alpha Pickle Halas, which started during the Prohibition period, Bhagwati herself peels the lasul, grinds the spices, and stuffs it into pickles. She said, “If we talk about it, it will always be about money.”

We have not been able to connect machine tools in the industry. Until now, things like making pickles and packing are being done by hand.” Bhagwati herself has run the industry with her knowledge of the desired business.

Meanwhile, she has also taken training for pickle business at different times. The industry has also seen the possibility of meat sukuti.The purpose of the industry is to achieve.

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