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Amesh Bhandari all set to marry singer Samishka Adhikari

Actor and singer Amesh Bhandari has said that he is ready to marry singer Samishka Adhikari.

Amesh, who returned to Nepal after staying in Australia for 6 months, said on the television show ‘The Prakash Subedi Show’ that he is ready to get married to Samsika.

The host of the show, Prakash Subedi, asked her if Samishka’s parents proposed her, would you be ready to marry her?

In response, he said, “If that happens, I will be very lucky, I will get married, and I will be old.”

Lately, various speculations have been going on due to the disappearance of the video of these two on Tiktok. There is also a discussion in the market that Amesh and Samsika are in love.


But Amesh has denied that he is in love. He claims that they are just good friends.

He said, “The audience may have thought this because they saw our couple on Tiktok, but now we are not in love, we don’t know what will happen next.”

Amesh has also said that he is unlucky in the matter of love.

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