As an alternative to Zoom, Slack or Microsoft Teams, a team including Nepali youth brought ‘Anydon’

Kathmandu. AnyDone, a software that includes features of Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams, has been released. Two Nepalese Deepak Malla and Ashok Kumar Pant are co-founders of this platform, which has its head office in the state of New York, USA.

In Nepal, the office of this company is in Kathmandu Shankhamool. This platform, aimed at large or small companies around the world, has been officially launched recently.

What is Enidon, and who uses it?


Anidon is a cloud-based platform that helps a company to collaborate with teams, manage tasks and automate work.

Enidon has also established an office in Nepal to support Nepali companies. The marketing manager of the company, Lakshmi Thapa, said that if training is needed, especially on how to use the Anidon platform, the team from Nepal will help.

“If some support is needed, blogs are kept within the site,” she said, “You can get support from that too. However, if we have to train, we will train online or on the spot.”

Also, you can get help by clicking here.

This platform brings together everything you need to simplify your workflow and increase productivity for any job. According to the company, the features like Subject, Co-Connect, Meet Assist, Co-Vas, Refinement, AI Bots, Screen Recording, Auto Assign and External Teams will make user tasks easy and automatic.

Team collaboration

On this platform, users can create separate co-spaces (groups) for their various projects. And, tasks can be assigned to suitable employees for that project. There is a direct discussion between the organization from which the project is taken and the employees of the company receiving the project.

You can keep your things especially by sharing files, making video and audio calls or chatting. Apart from that, people in different areas and different time zones can work easily by connecting through direct message, co-space, co-connect.

Task management

Anidon has also provided a task management system. Through this, you can track the work of team members, set deadlines for them and collaborate on various projects.

The company said that with its help, the project that the company is involved in will be easily completed.


Enidon also includes some automatic AI features. With its help, the user can proceed with their various tasks automatically. Apart from that, this generative AI tool helps to make the text attractive and professional as needed.

Users can also translate languages from within this platform. Similarly, the company believes that this feature will help you to automatically reply to messages, get a summary of long messages, and focus on your work.

Personal AI Assistant GP

Thus, most of the features of Anidon are powered by AI. It includes many AI features to make various tasks and ways of working practical and scientific. Personal AI assistant is also an attractive feature of this software.

With the help of a personal AI assistant, you can write emails, get information about various things, get data, write code, research on various topics and write creative content in a moment.

Who is Anidon useful for?

The company said that Anidon will be useful especially for any organization that has a work-from-home arrangement.

This platform can be especially useful for software and IT companies, telecommunication companies, manufacturing companies and financial institutions.

How to use? How much is the fee?

According to the company, Nepali users can use all the features of Enidon for free.

If you want to use it through the website, click here. If you are an Android user, click here and if you are an iOS user, click here to install the app.

When using Anidon through the app and website, first open the app or website on your device by following the above method.

Then tap on the ‘Try for free’ button on the top right. And you can register and create an account by keeping your full name, email, country and password and clicking on terms and conditions.

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