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Back pain? These Yoga Poses Can Be Beneficial (Video)

Back pain can affect people of any age. However, people over the age of 30 are more likely to suffer from this problem. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 70 to 85 percent of people have back pain.

There is no single cause of back pain. Physical inactivity, poor sitting position, obesity, working in the same posture for a long time, lifting heavy objects, weak bones, sitting in a hunched position, lack of calcium and vitamin D in the body, spinal cord fracture due to accidents cause back pain.

Many people have a habit of sitting patiently when their back hurts and taking pain killers when it is too bad. As a result, it takes a large form. Any pain reliever can only provide relief for a few hours.

In this case, yoga is an option that can relieve back pain.

If you do some yoga for 15 minutes a day, the pressure on the waist and muscles will be reduced, as well as the blood circulation throughout the body will be improved and oxygen will reach.


What kind of yoga to get relief from back pain?


Yoga can be started from Balasana for back pain. For this asana, one should first kneel down and sit comfortably in Bajrasana on the mat. Breathing should be done in a normal state and the waist should be kept straight.

Now looking ahead, take a deep breath and bend the upper body forward and try to touch the ground in front of the head by keeping both hands forward. The thing to pay attention to is that the knee does not have to be torn too much. It is advisable to tear as much as the length of the knee. The palm should be placed directly below the shoulder.

Majri Asana

Majri Asan is also known as Cat Cow Pose in English. First of all, the stomach should be taken down while inhaling. In this process, the elbow should not be bent.

Bringing the body forward a little, pushing the shoulders back, looking up and exhaling, slightly contracting the stomach, pull yourself up as much as possible. Shoulders should feel wide. In this process, you should try to push your chin towards your chest.

Majari Asana makes the spine and back muscles flexible. It also relieves back and neck pain. It is good to do this asana up to three times.


Keeping both legs together, both hands should be placed on both sides of the body, standing in a alert state and the fingers of both hands should be placed in such a way that the fingers of both hands should be pressed together and touching the naito with the palm of the hand. Now while taking a slow breath, raise the hand above the head and hold it with the claw of the foot and stretch the whole body tightly.

In this situation, the body should be kept balanced. Exhaling slowly, lower the hand and return to the previous position by touching the ground with the whole foot. This should also be repeated three times.


To perform this asana, first bend the right leg and then bend the left leg. Then lift your head slightly and hold the right leg with your right hand and the left leg with your left hand. In this situation, you should keep your neck and shoulders straight and look ahead.

Then by bending the hip and inhaling lightly, lifting both legs easily, looking forward and exhaling, leaving the foot on the ground and inhaling, lifting the leg again. This should also be practiced three times.


First of all, you should lie on your stomach and place your hands near your chest and rest your forehead on the mat. Now take a long deep breath and lift the body up. Try to keep Naito close to the mat. Keep your eyes open and slowly move your neck back. Now exhale and return to the first position. In this asana, the tension in the waist and neck reduces pain.


For Ustrasana, first of all, you have to sit on the yoga mat with the support of your knees. Now while bending the spine back, put both the hands on the legs and hold the heels and push the hips forward. In this case, you should take five to ten deep breaths and then slowly come back to normal. There should not be too much pressure on the neck and the part from the waist to the knees should remain straight.

Ustrasana also helps in reducing belly fat. Balasana can be done again after Ustrasana. It relaxes the blood circulation which is increasing from other asanas by bringing it into a rhythm.

Who can do it? At what time?

It is advisable to do these asanas daily in the morning on an empty stomach. The body also has energy in the morning. And since it is done on an empty stomach, its results are good. If you can do the above-mentioned postures, it is better to do everything. If it is not possible, doing two-three asanas daily can also relieve the pain.

These yogasanas can be done by people of any age. If you are having difficulty while doing yoga, you should consult the relevant doctor.

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