Bamjan’s daily life in prison

Two times more than the Mahorty — capacity is one of the 100 prisoners in the Jaleshwar prison, Rambhadur Bamjan । After the order of the Sarlahi District Court, Bamjan, who arrived in Jaleshwar prison, demanded a separate bed and room on the early days, but the prison has collectively placed him with other prisoner prisoners ।


Prison chief Ramchandra Sah said there was no problem with keeping more prisoner prisoners than capacity in prison, so the demand for bombs could not be met । ‘ Prisoners and detainees are being held by hanging the trinity due to lack of space, ’ Chief Sah said, ‘ We have also kept him another prisoner prisoner prisoner. ’

2 ⁇ Last morning, Bumjan demanded pure celestial food without garlic, even onions, saying he did not eat the joint kitchen of the prison । Prison chief Sah said he had been fed to prison for two days with prisoners ।

According to the prison administration, for two days, the Bumjan temple complex had been in mind for the morning । Following the request of the bombing, the administration has appointed an assistant calling for service hospitality from Sunday । Narvir Lama, who has been jailed on the drug issue, is now an ally of Bumjan । The prison administration has stated that Lama has been appointed as an ally of the Bumjan in cooking for the Bumjan, helping to do other things, working hard ।

Bamjan now lives on the third floor of the three prison building with ⁇ Nike । Prison information officer Ravinchandra Chakur said he was kept in a nice room with ⁇ Nike after requesting the administration to make good arrangements for his stay । ‘ He doesn’t speak much in prison, ’ Thakur said, ‘ is not yet considered to meet other outsiders. ’

A few days from the beginning, followers told him that he had come to visit the prison । According to the prison administration, the clutter of followers has been declining since Bumjan returned him with the blessing of not speaking । On Monday, Bamjan met with his wife, a human rights activist and his lawyer who had visited the prison ।

Every day in the temple complex within the prison, the prisoner Sadushant has psalmized । Although Sadhusant requested Bumjan to participate in such a insects, he has not participated । There is also a library with more than a hundred books in prison । But Bamjan has not even shown interest in reading library books । ‘ The living room has a TV, ’ Information Officer Thakur said, ‘ He spends days with no one watching TV. ’

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