Bhutanese ‘Druk Air’ to make commercial flights at PIA

The ‘Druk Air’ of Bhutan is going to make commercial flights at the Pokhara International Airport (PIA). Druk Air will conduct flights to the Pokhara International Airport from Bhutan’s Paro International Airport.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), the airline will operate 7 flights a week from Pokhara to Paro. Gyanendra Bhul, the information officer of CAAN, informed that Druk Air has been permitted to operate 7 flights a week. According to this, the airline will make its first flight on September 9.

According to Bhul, Bhutan’s Druk Air, an airline under the Royal Airlines of Bhutan, will become the first international airline to operate commercial chartered flights in Pokhara. Earlier, China’s Sichuan Airlines had made a chartered flight to Pokhara on the 21st of June.

Commercial chartered flights from Bhutan have given rise to hope amidst an absence of commercial flights at the Pokhara International Airport which has been built with a loan investment of 22 billion rupees.

Druk Air was established 42 years ago in 1981 and is currently operating commercial flights in 13 locations. It is said that the company plans to gradually add Pokhara-Delhi-Paro flights later on.

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