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Mordecai Ham led Billy Graham to Christ

“Love all men; Fear no man.” This was the motto of Mordecai Ham’s life. Born in America on April 2, 1877, he was an evangelist. These are the same speakers whose sermons were heard in 1934 by Billy Graham, who surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus, who led 32 million people to Christ. From 1901-1941, Mordecai held 289 meetings in 22 states in which 3,03,387 people believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. Later he also started a weekly radio program. He published many of his sermons for which his devotees collected money.
Mordecai wanted to be a businessman. That is why he accepted God’s call to become an evangelist. Both his father and grandfather lived in poverty which he did not want. But in the end, the Lord prevailed and in 1901 he began to study twenty-seven books to prepare himself for ministry. It was a process that involved reading, praying, meditating as well as writing. This is how he started his service.

Mordecai, who was very zealous for soul-winning, once had an encounter with an atheist. The atheist did not want to meet the preacher. So he hid in the cornfield. This adversary of the gospel asked, “What do you do?” Mordecai replied, not only strangely but horrifyingly, “I beg God to kill you.” The atheist objected. The preacher said that this kind of prayer did not make any difference to him as the man claimed that he did not believe in God. However, the unbeliever begged Mordecai not to pray for his death. Instead, the preacher agreed to pray for the man’s salvation and that’s where he got a new life.
One of the arrows of Ham’s sermons would strike those who were indulging in the world of wine. He believed that if people facing such problems came to Christ, their problems would be solved.

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