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Canon camera that captures color video even in total darkness, price 33 lakhs

The famous camera brand Canon has recently released a new camera of the ‘MS-500’ (MS-500) model. As an ultra-high sensitivity camera, it includes a single photon valence diode (SPAD) sensor, which is said to capture colorful video even in complete darkness.

The sensor used in the camera is 1 inch and 3.2 megapixels. As a result, the company claims that the camera can capture high-quality photos and videos even when the lighting conditions are 0.001 lux (lux – unit of light).

The company has used its own B4 (industry-standard B4 bayonet lens mount) in the camera. Broadcast zoom lenses can also be used in this camera.

According to the company, this model is suitable for places that require more security. It is said that these cameras will be more useful at the beach, public buildings, and international borders.

Also, using Canon’s ultra telephoto broadcast lens, the company has mentioned that this camera can capture quality video even a few miles away at night. In this way, Canon has mentioned that a special kind of picture profile has been used to improve the quality of photos and videos of distant objects.

“A technique called photo counting has been used in the camera. It tracks the light entering the pixels, magnifies them a million times and converts them into a digital signal,” the company said of the camera. “This technology counts every photon. This eliminates any kind of ‘noise’ that appears in photos and videos.”

This camera is scheduled to be available in the market from September 2023, the international market price of which is said to be 25,000 US dollars (Rs 33 lakh more).

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