ChatGPT’s mobile app has also started in Nepal, have you installed it?

Finally, OpenAI has provided ChatGPT mobile app in Nepal as well. Now iPhone users in Nepal can use this app.

It has both free and paid versions of the app. ChatGPT’s mobile app service, which started in America, has also started in Nepal. So far, ChatGPT’s mobile app is available in more than 50 countries.

The company plans to make it available on Android soon. Before this app was released, many fake apps that looked like ChatGPT had taken over the market in Play Store and App Store.

This app has been released with a feature that allows you to sync conversations between web and mobile apps. It will allow you to talk to ChatGPT through both voice and text.

The company has now added two new features to it. Now users can open ChatGPT through iPhone’s voice assistant Siri. In addition, users can enter ChatGPT in shortcuts and use it.

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