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Clarification of the author of the public service book – When writing about the instincts and nature of the wild bear, it was typed differently

Author Mr. Ram Ekwal Das has explained about questions and answers with objectionable words about women in his book on the preparation of civil services examination.

After heavy criticism from social media and women’s rights organizations, Das said the book had a different type. He has apologized saying that he was trying to tell about the instincts and nature of the bear.

He wrote on social media, “My book Game Scout C.G. It is understood that it is typed otherwise because it is trying to tell about the tendency and nature of the wild bear due to the focus on forest and wildlife, so please correct it and read it.

Asserting that the mistakes will be rectified in the next edition of the book, Das has mentioned that he has no intention to insult women sisters.

He went on to write, ‘I am very sorry for offending anyone, I apologize for that, it was not my intention to offend girls or sisters, I apologize again for this or any other typo and thank the alert readers for giving me the opportunity to clarify my otherwise mistake in time.’


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