Classic tech, Subisu, Broadlink, Mercantile in the state without revenue ⁇ Internet company

Kathmandu । The total income to be submitted by the Ota Internet service provider at 20 ⁇ / 0 ⁇ , including Classic Tech, Subisu, Broadlink, Mercantile, is found to be six percent tax । The Regulatory Nepal Telecommunications Authority published an information on Wednesday and made public the list of service providers that do not understand the amount of royalty and rural telecommunications development fund refunds ।

According to the Telecommunications and Internet Service Providers, a license from the Regulatory Authority, conducted such services, four percent of its total income of each year, royalty and two percent of the rural telecommunications development fund The amount has to be deposited in the government account । For this, the amount has to be claimed within six months of the end of each fiscal year, i.e. within the pus masant ।

But even if the royalty of 20 ⁇ /0 ⁇ and the amount of rural telecommunications development fund should be submitted in Push 20 ⁇ , the authority that has not yet been identified by various Internet service providers has stated ।

“The arrears to be submitted to the Government and Authority of Nepal as per the rules are not found to be filed so far even when they have been dragged from the Authority and have been made clear by the name of the service provider within the same 20 ⁇ Soun Masant and even the financial year It is informed to be submitted by including additional content in the bank account and to attach the sole voucher of Soko, as stated by the regulator ।

If the amount is not filed within the stipulated time, it is also clear that the proceedings will be carried out as long as the rules are not followed । In this way, service providers who do not understand the amount of royalty and rural telecommunications development funds have also named service providers such as classic tech, Subisu cable net, Mercantile Communications, Broadlink Network and Communications ।

In addition, Net Max Technologes, Loop Net Solusans, Mega Cable Net, Divine Stream Network, Cherry World Communication ।

Sro Therefore Nepal Telecommunications Authority

Sro Therefore Nepal Telecommunications Authority

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