Curfew imposed in Sarlahi amid rising tensions

SARLAHI: Following escalating tensions in the Sarlahi district’s headquarters, Malangwa, the District Administration Office (DAO), Sarlahi has enacted a curfew.

As per DAO Sarlahi, the curfew was put into effect from 5 pm on Saturday and will remain in effect until 8 am on Sunday.

The Malangwa market area experienced unrest throughout Saturday, stemming from clashes between two communities during the Krishna Janmashtami idol immersion on Friday evening. The curfew was enforced to restore order.

Chief District Officer (CDO) Indradev Yadav outlined the curfew boundaries, which extend from the Jhim River in the east to the Nepal-India border in the south, the Musaili canal in the west, and the petrol pump in the north.

CDO Yadav explained that the tension in Malangwa persisted throughout the day, prompting the imposition of the curfew to prevent any potential nighttime incidents.

While the situation had appeared to normalize from Friday midnight, tensions flared again on Saturday morning, with angry youths staging protests by burning tires at various junctions and roundabouts.

To regain control, a significant police presence has been deployed in the Malangwa market area. CDO Yadav emphasized that security measures had been heightened in anticipation of any untoward developments.

During the previous night, police had fired 16 rounds of tear gas and one round of aerial shots to quell the clashes. Law enforcement continues to intermittently employ tear gas to manage the situation.

Protests and stone-throwing incidents have erupted in the inner neighborhoods, including the municipal square and the primary market area, with police struggling to maintain order.

As a result of the tension from the previous night, the Malangwa market remained closed today. Most shops and businesses were shut down, and public movement minimal, with public transportation services suspended.

An all-party meeting held at the district administration office in the morning issued an appeal for the preservation of religious, ethnic, and cultural harmony.

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