‘Democracy is under attack in India’ – Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi – Indian Congress Party leader Rahul Gandhi, who lost his parliamentary post after being convicted in a four-year-old defamation case by a court, has said that democracy is under attack in India. He said this in a press conference on Saturday, the day after he lost the post of MP.

After the dramatic developments, Gandhi held a press conference at the party office in Delhi on Saturday. During this, he said that new examples of the attack on India’s democracy are coming every day. But he also said that he will not be afraid of any situation and he will not stop questioning the government.

What is Narendra Modi’s relationship with Adani? And he has mentioned that he is not afraid of anyone, saying that he keeps asking questions like who does Rs 20,000 crore belong to? Indian industrialist Gautam Adani has recently been involved in controversy. Gandhi has been raising questions in Parliament and on the streets about Adani’s relationship with the Prime Minister.

Who invested 20 thousand crore rupees in Adani’s cell company? Adani has no money. It is someone else’s money. The question is, who owns Rs 20,000 crore? That’s what I asked. I asked about the relationship between Modi and Adani after finding out the facts. When Modiji became the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Modi and Adani have been in a relationship since then. This is what I asked,” Gandhi said.

Gandhi warned that no one could stop his speech by removing him from the parliament post, threatening him, and putting him in jail. Saying that he is fighting for the freedom of Hindustan, he said that he will continue to fight for it and that he is not afraid of anything. He said that the government changed the rules and gave Adani the responsibility of the airport. He also alleged that Adani has been patronized since Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

At the press conference, he did not want to comment on the verdict from the court. However, the court mentioned that the maximum punishment in the defamation case may have been linked to his position as a member of Parliament.

There is a law that MPs who have been sentenced to imprisonment for more than 2 years will be revoked. The court sentenced Gandhi to two years of imprisonment in the defamation case. A defamation case has been going on against him against the speech he gave in the 2019 election meeting saying, “Why is Modi the name of all thieves?” Two days ago, the Surat court in Gujarat found Gandhi guilty. 24 hours after the court’s decision, the Lok Sabha revoked his position as an MP.

Rahul Gandhi told reporters at the Congress party headquarters in Delhi’s Akbar Road that he will continue to do his work regardless of whether he is an MP or not.

“Whether I stay inside or outside the Parliament, it doesn’t matter to me,” he said, “I will continue my work.” He mentioned that he has a family relationship with the people of Wayanad region of Kerala, where he is elected, and will share what is in his heart with the people there. With the cancellation of Gandhi’s membership, the Wayanwada constituency has become vacant. There is a possibility of a by-election. If the Supreme Court does not decide in favor of Rahul, he will not be allowed to contest the election.

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