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Did you get a message saying ‘Install Nepali Virgin Girl APK to find a sex partner’? Rittiela bank account!

It has been found that the malware that created a stir in Nepal in the name of ‘Nepali Girl APK’ has been reactivated in a new form. This APK, which has been given a new name of ‘Nepali Virgin Girl’, has started spreading on WhatsApp saying ‘to find a sex partner’.

In particular, this message coming on WhatsApp is trying to entice users by saying ‘Are you also looking for a sex partner, now be sure’. In which it is mentioned that one can search for a sex partner by installing ‘Nepali Girl APK’, for that, the contact number and rate along with photos are also kept and this service is available for all Nepal.

This message is being shared from Nepal Telecom’s WhatsApp ID number 9851042325. This APK has started to be shared on WhatsApp, especially targeting customers of banking and digital payment services.

If you have received a message with a similar APK on your WhatsApp, then do not even click on it. Because it will gain access to your mobile and laptop in a way that cannot be removed and can take control of your device and destroy your bank account.

Earlier, the malware named ‘Nepali Girl’, which entered the mobiles of many Nepali mobile banking and digital wallet users, made millions of rupees disappear.

Nepal Electronic Payment System (NAPS) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sanjeev Subba said awareness is very important to avoid this type of malware.

“Just a few months ago, an APK called ‘Nepali Girl’ did a lot of damage,” he said, “so it looks like it has been ‘Kalmi’ or recreated as a different avatar.”

Subba believes that to avoid this kind of malware and cyber attacks, not just one or two companies, but everyone should jointly carry out awareness programs through campaigns.

Thus, on January 20, the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office arrested a total of eight people, one Indian and seven Nepali citizens, on the charge of online fraud by creating a ‘Nepali Girl’ app. The online scam, which has been quiet for some time, has been revived with a new name for the last few days.

The number of people filing complaints at the police office regarding this incident is also increasing. Deputy Superintendent of Police Lilaraj Dangi, Chief Cyber Pillar of Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office, informed that there are complaints that lakhs of rupees have disappeared as soon as the app is clicked. “Earlier the malware used to ask for permission after it was installed, now it seems that the bank account has been left without permission,” he said, “Now we are conducting an internal investigation.”

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