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Eight apps, which inform a woman’s pregnancy and fertility status

Women’s health, especially sexual and reproductive issues, are very sensitive. Also, in some cases it is confidential. Therefore, it is not suitable for women to openly question or inquire about it.

However, it is no longer a headache. Because such apps have come into vogue, which provide information about women’s menstrual cycle, suitable time for conception and other reproductive health.

Fertility Friend

A woman’s menstrual cycle determines when she will conceive. When a mature egg is prepared in the uterus, it is fertilized with the male’s sperm and conception occurs.

Fertility Friend can tell the exact day of conception by observing a woman’s uterus. It specifically makes a fertility chart and ovulation calendar, based on the indications of which the correct time of conception can be identified.

This app is an advanced ovulation calculator, menstruation calendar, fertility chart and period tracker.

Glow Cycle and Fertility Tracker

This app can be taken as an indicator of menstrual flow. This app can be especially useful for identifying the right time for conception. It can also monitor women’s reproductive health.

Especially for couples, this app can prove to be very useful, because it is able to accurately analyze the condition of the ovaries. Not only women, men can also get information about their health status using this app.


It is estimated that around 1.2 million women around the world are using this app. This app is very useful for identifying the right time for conception. Based on the fluid released from the woman’s uterus, it indicates the right time for conception.


Through this app, women can easily track their menstrual cycle, sexual activity, mood swings. One feature of this app is that it previews the fertility cycle. And, you can find out which day of each month is suitable for conception.

Ovarian Fertility

This app can be used mainly on iPhone. This app has some clues, which can estimate the fertility of a woman. Not only that, it also tracks menstruation, ovulation time, uterine condition, other major factors that can affect fertility.

They help to identify the right time for conception. It also helps to predict if there is a problem with pregnancy. This app contains dozens of pregnancy related informative articles, important research statistics, facts that help during pregnancy.

Flow app

This app records the start and end date of menstruation. Also, it also warns about premenstruation syndrome before the onset of menstruation. It also shows the number of daily walking steps, sleep status and water intake in addition to predicting the optimal time of pregnancy.

Even after conception, the app can tell about the condition of the growing baby in the womb. It gives a monthly report about what is happening in the body.

The Modern Fertility

This app is different from others. After taking a blood sample once a month, this app can tell you the exact time of conception and pregnancy test. It can also detect the date of menstruation like other apps.


OvuSense is an advanced fertility tracker. It has been clinically proven to be 99 percent accurate. This app can predict ovulation in real time.

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