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Famous actress Sushma Karki was arrested by the police while she was having fun, watch the full video.

The famous actress Sushma Karki was caught staying with Mast in the hotel, when Sushma found out that Sushma’s boyfriend had cheated her and informed the police, Sushma got angry, watch the video.

No matter how much you describe yourself, no matter how many adjectives you add to your name, no matter how comfortable you live, no matter how much you achieve in life, the stench of a disgusting truth will always follow us; That is, we are citizens of one of the poorest countries in the world. How did we become poor? Is our poverty only materially poor?

Today, our society has to ask these questions for self-criticism. From the point of view of natural resources, our ancestors have given us more wealth than we can handle. Bangladesh can produce food products that can be exported, but we are deprived of agricultural knowledge and are poor.

Our mountain rivers, illuminated the whole country, cooked and fed everyone, brought transportation to every house, running modern machines in every house, they have the ability to earn foreign money from India, but we do not have the ability to generate electricity; That is why we are poor. Our mountains can give us a pleasant foreign impression

But we don’t have the knowledge of tourism business, we don’t have the art to attract foreign tourists; That’s why we are poor. The Japanese have identified the land that is always plagued by storms and storms as an exemplary country. We always try to escape by blaming the country’s greed. ***** Click here to watch the full video of this news *****

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