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Foreign Employment Department raids on Consultancy trying to send workers to Romania and Malta

The Foreign Employment Department has raided a consultancy trying to send workers for foreign employment to countries like Romania and Malta. The team of the Foreign Employment Department raided the consultancy on the basis of advertisements on social media.

The team raided the consultancy named Unimax Education Consultancy located in Kalanki, and seized three Laptops, 20 scanning passports, three demand letters and other documents, according to the information officer of the department Gurudatta Subedi.

20 passports collected from them were also seized. A complaint was also received in the department that Nepali workers were being sent to those countries by illegally publishing advertisements on social media and collecting large sums of money. According to the department, it was found that these consultancies were illegally publishing notices using TikTok and Facebook and charging millions of rupees on that basis. It has also been found that the consultancy has charged at least 50 thousand to 1 lakh in advance.

Lately, cases of fraud by sending people to work abroad through consultancies are on the rise. It seems that they use social media to cheat the workers by collecting a large sum of rupees. The department has said that monitoring will be intensified to discourage such actions. The department has also formed a monitoring committee under the leadership of three directors for that matter.

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