Gagan’s disclosure – Conditional participation in new alliance, Maoist elements in place

Nepali Congress General Minister Gagan Kumar Thapa has indicated that the coalition government may change. He also revealed that Congress will participate in the new coalition government with conditions. Saying that he is in the campaign to change the Congress, he said that the party will not run if the same person becomes the Prime Minister 5-6 times. He asserted that the old parties like Congress, UML and Maoists are in crisis together today and he claimed that he was talking about changing the party and not the individual. General Minister Thapa said this while speaking at a program organized by the Nepali Congress Dolakha-Kathmandu Liaison Committee in Kathmandu on Saturday. He also claimed that there is no country in democracy where the same person becomes the prime minister many times. He also announced that he is ready to give up the post of Chief Minister to replace the Congress. He urged the leaders and workers of the party to unite in the campaign to change the Congress saying that the country will change only if the Congress changes. General Minister Thapa called on the entire party line not to panic that the Congress is over and said that the Congress should join the campaign to change the country by changing itself.

Prachanda’s briefing in Pokhara, ‘the speed of the government is fast’

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” has said that air routes will be discussed when he goes to China. In an event held in Pokhara on Saturday afternoon, Prime Minister Prachanda said that he will visit China soon and discuss the air route. He also said that the investigation against corruption will be intensified. Stating that corruption is a serious problem in the country, he insisted that the government is moving forward with determination, whether it is the fake Bhutanese refugee case or the Lalita Niwas case. Prachanda claims that the economy is gradually returning to normalcy amid fears that the economy will collapse. He added that his visit to India was also a success. He claims that this visit to India is historic. He said that there is a very important agreement with India for the benefit of the nation. Similarly, Prachanda asserted that all efforts have been made to address the problems faced by the people and said that lakhs of Nepali workers abroad have been included in the social security fund and that it has a far-reaching meaning.

Unity initiative among former Maoists continues: Prachanda

Chairman of CPN (Maoist Center) Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, who is also the Prime Minister, has said that discussions are continuing between former Maoist forces to take concrete initiatives for party unity. Prime Minister Prachanda said this while interacting with central members of the Maoist Center and state officials in Pokhara on Saturday. He said that when the Maoists are weak, the entire change will be weak, so there is no option for the Maoists to be united. Prachanda has also said that the power of hope and trust placed on him by the people should be used in favor of country building. He said that he has a strong desire to take a leap towards the development of the country by using natural resources. Prachanda has also said that the work of party reconstruction will go ahead by holding a special convention. He emphasized on the need to take ownership of government work, party building work, Samajwadi Front and party unity efforts together.

Efforts are being made to stabilize the foreign policy

Foreign Minister NP Saud has said that the government is trying to stabilize the fluid foreign policy. He said this at a press conference held in Dadeldhura on Saturday. He also said that efforts are being made to stabilize international relations. Mentioning that efforts are being made to stabilize foreign policy and international relations, which are somewhat fluid, he said that the values and beliefs mentioned in the Charter of the United Nations will be respected in relation to foreign policy. He also said that Nepal, as an independent country, is looking at events in the world in an impartial manner. Foreign Minister Saud said that the government is also serious about the border areas with India including Kalapani, Lipulek, Limpiyadhura. Minister Saud said that during Prime Minister Prachanda’s visit to India, these issues were discussed and India is also positive in solving the border problem. Similarly, on a different occasion, Foreign Minister Saud also asked to be clear if the current power coalition does not collapse. He claims that according to outside rumors, there is no possibility of meeting with UML.

Parliamentary practice should be improved: Speaker Ghimire

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Devraj Ghimire, has expressed the expectation of good constitutional and parliamentary practice from all the political parties and members present in the Parliament. He expressed this expectation while expressing his wishes on the occasion of ‘Parliament Day-2080’. He mentioned that since the political parties are the real operators of the constitutional and parliamentary practices in the multi-party system, the dynamics and functioning of the parliament will depend on the mutual harmony, agreement and coordination of the political parties. He said that Parliament has been established as an important institution that exercises the sovereignty of the people. Parliament Day is being held every year to commemorate the historic day when the first meeting of the Parliament was held on 16 June 2016 in Nepal. Speaker Ghimire emphasized that it is the primary responsibility of all of us to always adopt the responsibility and accountability towards the people as our guide on the day of the day.

Speaker Ghimire’s insistence on not stifling the communication sector

Speaker Devraj Ghimire has said that the communication sector should not be stifled. Parliament in Kathmandu on Saturday

He said this while addressing the convention of the Indian Affairs Journalists Society. Saying that the importance of the communication sector is very high, he said that the suppression of the communication sector cannot be accepted in a democracy. He has also pointed out the need to pay attention to control the distortions in the communication sector in recent days. He said that the media sector should play an important role in increasing the importance of the media, taking it in the right direction and showing the way of building socialism. He said that now it is important to start controlling the distortions in the communication sector and guide the right direction, increase its importance, and show the way to build socialism. Speaker Ghimire also said that he will pay more attention to the important role he plays in making the role of the Speaker effective and running the Parliament in an efficient and orderly manner.

Timilsina’s complaint that no news was written about the bill

Speaker of the National Assembly Ganesh Prasad Timilsina has said that parliamentary journalists should write about bills. He said this while addressing the session of Parliamentary Affairs Journalists Society in Kathmandu on Saturday. Speaker Timilsina complains that journalists who look at parliamentary affairs are unable to use their pen on issues such as the same bills being repeatedly returned from the parliament, being stuck in the committee and not coming for years. He urges the common citizens to write about the impact of the Bills repeatedly falling to zero. He said that while preparing a bill, one should pay attention to the time, investment, financial aspect and how much the service provided by that bill is affected. He said that it should be brought out in such a way that the people understand the aspects of keeping the bill for 5-6 years, not moving it forward, passing it by one house to another and keeping it in a null state. President Timilsina believes that if the journalists can put pressure on the delay in bringing the bills, the bills will come on time.

Let’s get into the habit of donating labor to keep our place clean: Tourism Minister Kiranti

Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Sudan Kirati has said that the country can be economically empowered by planned development of the tourism sector. He said this while addressing the cleanliness campaign program organized in home district Bhojpur under the campaign ‘Our heritage is good heritage’. He also emphasized that citizens should play their own role in the development of their region. He said that in order to attract tourists, they should improve their customs, culture and behavior and environment. He said that to make the tourist area clean, beautiful and green, it is necessary to lead from the citizen level and make tourists stay in their place. Minister Kirati said that a campaign should be conducted that says, “No garbage in front of your house, not flowers.” He also said that citizens should get into the habit of donating two hours a week to make the front of their house clean and beautiful.

Meeting between Prachanda and CK: preparation for war on support or return

A meeting was held between Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda and Janamat Party President CK Raut. In the meeting with Prachanda on Saturday, President CK informed that he is ready to reach the final conclusion about the government. After the debate on the matter of the government, the party’s secretariat meeting is ready to decide on the matter of the government. The CK Raut-led Janamat Party, which has given a vote of confidence to Prime Minister Prachanda twice, is now in a mood to withdraw its support. So far, Janmaat Party has not made a formal decision on withdrawing its support to the government, but it is likely to be decided within the next week. On the other hand, Prime Minister Prachanda is trying to include public opinion in the government. His secretariat said that Prachanda is trying to include him in the government as much as possible because he can influence public opinion when he is outside the government.

Kichlo of Tungien Koshi region

The Chief of Koshi Province, Parashuram Khapung, has appointed the current Provincial Council of Ministers to carry out the work until the formation of the next Cabinet of Ministers. Provincial Chief Khapung assigned this responsibility according to Article 169 (3) of the Constitution of Nepal. In a statement issued by the spokesperson of the Chief Minister’s Office, Narendra Kumar Shrestha, it is mentioned that the responsibility has been assigned to the current Council of Ministers for the time being. According to clause (2) of Article 168 of the Constitution of Nepal, the Chief Minister Hikmat Kumar Karki, appointed on 24th January 2079, submitted for a vote of confidence in the Koshi Pradesh Assembly on 14th June 2080 according to clause (2) of Article 188 of the Constitution of Nepal, according to clause (3) of the same article. On 15 June 2080, Bhatre Vyhora’s letter, which could not be passed, was submitted by Koshi State Assembly Speaker Baburam Gautam to State Chief Khapung.

Madhav is dissatisfied with the government of Nepal

Chairman of the ruling CPN (Unified Socialist) Madhav Kumar Nepal has expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s actions. Addressing a program held in Kathmandu on Saturday on the occasion of the 65th Parliament Day, he expressed his dissatisfaction. He said that the development and construction works could not be accelerated as the people expected, as the people wanted, they could not guarantee good governance, and they could not provide easy services to the people. He also urged the parliamentarians to put pressure on the government to end corruption, guarantee good governance, and make service delivery to the people effective. Christmas is representative of the people

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