Half of students failed in class 12 results

Kathmandu. Announcing the Class 12 results on Tuesday, National Examination Board Chairman Mahashram Sharma claimed that the results have improved compared to last year.

4 lakh 48 thousand 837 people participated in the examination conducted from May 26th to June 5th, 3 lakh 72 thousand 637 for regular, 60 thousand 959 for partial, 14 thousand 135 for grade increase and 1072/073 for grade increase 1072/073.

Among them, 1 lakh 89 thousand 711 in regular, 18 thousand 30 in partial, 6 thousand 140 in grade increase and 650 in grade increase in 2072-73 have been graded (eligible for higher level studies). Similarly, the examination of 56 people has been cancelled.

According to the letter grading guidelines released last year, non-grade (NG) is given if 35 percent marks are not scored in any subject. Even if there is no pass-fail in the grading system, those who come from NG will not be allowed to study at the higher level. They have to participate in the grade increase test.

According to Sharma, Chairman of the National Examination Board, 80 days after the examination, when the results were announced, 50.91 percent passed. “We believe that there has been some improvement over last year,” he said at a press conference held on Tuesday. This year, 1 lakh 82 thousand 926 (49.09 percent) have brought NG, which was 1 lakh 88 thousand 410 last year.

Therefore, even though the board claims that there has been an improvement compared to last year, the number of people who are unable to pursue higher education has been seen to be large. This seems to have a direct impact on the decreasing number of students enrolled in the university.

Educationist Prada Vidyanath Koirala says that there is no improvement in the results. Because half of the examinees will not be able to study higher education. Therefore, it can be said that reform is more oriented than improvement’, he said.

He believes that the results could not be improved because the children’s reading style and the teacher’s teaching style did not match

Former education minister Shishir Khanal says that the results of class 12 show that the level of learning at the school level is very worrying. He says, “The fact that almost half of the examinees cannot study at the higher level is a very serious matter of concern.”

He said that some of those who have passed may have got low numbers and they should make the correct data public and start the improvement work. “Looking at the results, there are 50 percent of those who have not studied. Even if they pass, their level of learning is definitely not advanced,” he said.

According to the Examination Control Office (Class 12), this year, the highest number of 19,527 people have received non-grade in English subject. In the second place, there are 52 thousand 73 people in accounting and 51 thousand 104 people in social studies.

Chairman of the National Examination Board Sharma says, “The results of the students are linked with the teaching of the main classroom, so according to our understanding, the teaching and learning was not effective.”

The board is conducting the grade enhancement exam on October 6 and 7 for those who are not graded in up to 2 subjects. 123 thousand 396 people will be able to participate in it. According to Durga Aryal, member secretary of the board, the number of NGs coming in only one subject is 79 thousand 584 people.

This year result

According to the public results on Tuesday, out of 372,637 regular examinees this year, 6,976 have 3.61 to 4 GPA. 38 thousand 999 with 3.21 to 3.60 GPA, 69 thousand 174 with 2.81 to 3.20, 63 thousand 77 with 2.40 to 2.80, 11 with 2.1 to 2.40 GPA There are thousand 438 people and 47 people who get 1.61 to 2 GPA.

Chairman Sharma said that the number and percentage of those who got higher grades increased compared to last year and the percentage of those who got lower grades decreased. He claims that the result can be considered improved in this way as well.

In the previous years, there was a rule that if there were NGs in two subjects, only those subjects would be allowed to take the grade increase exam in the same year, and if more than two subjects were NGs, all the subjects should be given the next year. But from this year, it has been arranged that only those subjects in which NG has appeared will be allowed to take the exam.

If you are not satisfied with the result, the board said that you can get the result re-used by paying 500 rupees per subject within 15 days. Member Secretary Aryal informed that students who are not satisfied with that can also see the answer book and get re-examination.

When re-testing, 3 new examiners than the previous examiner will conduct the examination and the average of the numbers given by the three examiners will be taken. If the obtained score is 10 percent less or more than the previous score, the previous score will be maintained. If there is more or less than 10 percent, the new marks will be maintained.

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