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Hark, Mayor of Dharan – How can I demolish a church? They Say to Destroy the Church (Video)

When Hark Sampang, who is not seen anywhere in the political scene, made Kakakul Dharan’s issue his main slogan and asked for votes, no one thought that the day would come when he would be greeted as ‘Mayorsaab’ several times.

Hark, who has become the mayor of Dharan to everyone’s surprise, has created a unique image. He is passionate about what he does. His tireless efforts to bring water to Dharan and the tree planting program he brought in the name of labor culture also confirm it. He has also forced his opponents to admit that Hark does not commit corruption.

No matter what happens, Nepali people scattered all over the world are trying their best through social media to not divert attention from Dharan, Hark Sampang. Even he admits it. When met at Shram Park, he says, “Today, there is a lot of talk in Nepal, and that person is Hark Sampang.” Be it by scolding, be it by supporting.’

It is impossible to predict what Herc will do. The latest example of Hark’s ‘reckless style’ can be seen in the postponement of his much publicized ‘anti-corruption rally’ on August 15.

When I met him, I asked him a question about it at the beginning, saying that Mayor Hark’s inability to properly manage and mediate the issue is one of the reasons for the creation of an environment for religious and ethnic riots in Dharan. He is trying to present this as a conspiracy to make him fail.

He replies in his own nonchalant style, ‘Did I say cut the ox and eat it? It is not my job to see this, it belongs to the police administration.’

In the context of building a church in front of the temple, he had the same answer – ‘They call me a church wrecker. Am I a judge? This work belongs to the court, not mine.

On the contrary, he answered many questions to my question about the fact that mayor Hark is a Christian because he is protesting against Christians on social media. He began with the accusations against him of being a Christian missionary:

They (my opponents) made me a Christian. Made a pastor. Not only that, but also crucified. This is a matter of self-declaration. If I had become a Christian, why would I be afraid to say that I am a Christian? Didn’t I offer water after entering the Pindeshwar temple? Don’t talk about it? Didn’t Bahun ask me to chant the mantra at the foundation stone of these tanks? Don’t talk about it? I go to the monastery and listen to the sermons of the lamas. Don’t talk about it?

It is not known who conquered the Christians and the Hindus. Who voted, is a secret vote. How many party people have given, how many Hindus have given, how many Kiratis have given, how many Christians have given.

They tell me that church is broken or broken. I should go ahead and demolish the church. The court will decide whether to demolish or not! The court may also look at the government form of the state. Whether it is religious or secular, it will also be looked at. It may be seen whether there is religious freedom or not. This is a matter for the court to decide. Am I the judge? If the court wants to do it, they will return it to me. Shouldn’t you go to court today? Can a person who holds a public office tear someone’s arm? It is being preached that I became a Christian after not listening to them.

I am looking at all these things in common. I am Mundhumi. I am a nature worshiper who believes in what my ancestors did. What is the reason for my strong attachment to these plants? Why should I come here? It would have happened even if he didn’t come. I am a person who worships nature, a person who takes care of nature. What do they call such people? They are afraid of me because of why this happened. The parties here are scared.

There is reason to be afraid. I say everyone should work. I have planted fruit plants. You don’t have to pay money after it grows, you just pick it and eat it. I have planted chilli along the road. I have planted flowers all over the garden. To celebrate Vaitika, we bring crores of flowers from India. I have planted only 200,000 hundred-petaled flowers to convey the message that planting on our walls is possible. Through Shramdan, I was able to add property worth 15-20 crores to Dharan.


For 35 years, the parties have been looking forward to finishing the rice. I brought (water) in 98 days. I am planting one million saplings. Last year we planted 6 lakh. Is this a special thing? Addicts used to stick needles in this place. I was afraid to come here. I made such a place a labor culture park.

I associate Dharan with industry. I am opening industries. I am talking about development from protecting the environment. We have made a lot of compromises. Buildings are built. But whatever I tried to do, they put a case on it.

The greatest work I did was to develop a work culture. Not only from Dharan but thousands of people from all over the country flocked to Dharan. After seeing that, what happened to them, if this person opens a party before the next election, it will be ruined. They worked immediately. Did not see, people from all over the country gathered and started shouting slogans saying “Harke Murdavad”. It came as a goodwill rally. The slogan of the rally is Hark Sampang Murdavad Re. How fun! I was a person of small stature, so I could understand where my height had reached.

As I said, I am a person who chants the ideals of three hearths, truth, justice and equality. I see these three mantras in the three hearths, truth, justice and equality. Stand on these three things

My three stoves are gone. This culture has taught me that I should respect others as human beings. Only the culture of one, not the culture of the other? The identity of one is not the identity of the other? Only one’s religion, not the other’s religion?

No matter what threats are shown to me, they will not touch me unless I give up truth, justice and equality. I will not stop telling the truth. I will not stop walking in favor of truth. I keep talking about justice. I will continue to fight for equality. I am a person who came to the post of mayor after fighting alone yesterday. I never counted how many people walked behind me. Not even dirty. I am enough by myself. It doesn’t matter which house you live in. You’re human too, I’m human too. This is how I see the world.

People with such a common understanding are trying to open up, but they are stifled. No matter how many people around the world call it Hark Sampang Murdavad, I will not waver. Nothing will happen to me as long as the three hearths remain in my mind. This happens even when it is written on the watch stone.

Blame it on Hark?
I am not saying to slaughter the ox and eat it. Friends cut it and ate it. What do I have to say about it? I say that the concerned body should speak on that matter. It’s just a job for me. Here comes the issue of dengue. What was interesting was that Hark Sampang brought water from Kokaha and fed him, and it was said that he contracted dengue. World tests were also conducted in the air. It didn’t touch either.

Dengue also started to spread in Biratnagar. Itahari also began to take place. Darjeeling, Sikkim also started moving. Even then, I fed Kokaha water.

Landslide hits Taplejung today, Hark Sampang is blamed. They don’t know but they are increasing my height. Today in Nepal, there is someone who is talking about Harak Sampang. Be it by scolding, be it by supporting. The discussion is mine. I am being attacked by saying who ate ox, who ate chicken, and why did they eat more.

Dharan had a different image before I came. Its image has changed since I came. The world knows. More than that, they say arrogant, arrogant. I’m not arrogant, I’m self-respecting. I am not arrogant, I am a confident person. Now a game is being played to trap the person who works in this paddy field with lawsuits from all over the world.

But that doesn’t matter to me. I am a big, round and slimy guy. Like a bunch but as big as a mountain. Slippery as a lye. Tries to hold my legs, no legs. The size is not small. It cannot be pushed, there is no place to hold, nor can it be fought. That’s why I said don’t touch me, don’t move me.

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