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How long does it take for sexual satisfaction?

Many people are curious about how long sexual intercourse between men and women should last. This is actually a simple question. The natural time for sexual intercourse between a man and a woman is the time it takes to achieve sexual satisfaction.

During intercourse, men and women have equal roles, which makes the period of intercourse enjoyable. But some women in the world think that sexual pleasure is only for men. This thinking is very wrong. Sexual pleasure is achieved only when both men and women try. According to a recent study conducted in the US, it takes only 20 minutes for men and women to achieve sexual satisfaction.

According to a recent survey report on 15,000 women in the US, 1 in every 10 women achieves peak sexual satisfaction within 15 minutes.

Dr. involved in the research. Christine Rose says, ‘Both women and men should start having sex only when they are aroused. A man should be confident that he can fully satisfy his sexual partner. In addition, information about every sexual organ of a woman should be kept. Men should treat women with respect. You should not do things that are annoying to your female partner.


The time of intercourse should not be left alone. The romantic conversation should continue. Men should take control of themselves and give women the opportunity to be fully excited and satisfied. At the time of sexual intercourse, the man is the first to ejaculate with extreme pleasure. Therefore men should also help women to reach that extreme point. Due to this, both people get sexual pleasure. During intercourse, if a man cannot control himself and ejaculates quickly, the woman’s sexual satisfaction remains incomplete. Their sexual desire increases. That causes dozens of problems. Women need extreme sexual satisfaction every time they have sex, but they may not always get it in real life.

Some women in the world think that sexual pleasure is only for men. This thinking is very wrong. Sexual pleasure is achieved only when both men and women try. According to a recent study conducted in America, it takes only 20 minutes for men and women to be sexually satisfied.

Angela Benders, a 34-year-old student studying at Towson University of Baltimore, USA, has a different experience. She says, ‘Daily intercourse makes life more enjoyable. The topic of sex makes the distance between both sexual partners closer.

She says, “Sex with my boyfriend usually ends within 15 to 20 minutes. It seems that controlling this situation is not a big problem for men. Only patience is required. In my opinion 20 minutes is enough time for sex for both men and women. At this time, both of them ejaculate. When we look at porn movies, it seems that the actors have sex for 1 hour. In fact, only drug or alcohol addicts do this for long periods of time. Having sex for such a long time is very painful for women like me. Because sex is an interesting game of 10 to 20 minutes, which is very entertaining.


According to the research, most of the sexual intercourse ends in an average of 15 minutes. How long it lasts depends on the needs and circumstances of the sexual partner. It is not always the man who should be successful during intercourse. Sometimes men ejaculate within 5 minutes. Sex expert Dr. Dennis Roger says, ‘The main reason for this is that the male organ is not fully prepared for intercourse or premature decline. Due to this, one woman out of every 10 women is dissatisfied.

Dr. Dennis goes on to say, ‘Women have 10 times more libido than men. This has been scientifically confirmed. Also, this is the truth as it is prepared based on the study of their sex life. Again, no such scientific device has been invented, which can measure a woman’s libido. It depends on the nature and imagination of every woman.
In this regard, working woman Jennifer Janney says, ‘It takes me 15 minutes to reach full excitement. I need variety during intercourse. Vaginal intercourse is required. My male partner goes directly to the intercourse process after massaging my breasts, kissing and playing with my vagina. This also gives me sexual satisfaction. He helps me achieve extreme sexual satisfaction. I also help my partner by guiding myself. If I feel pain during intercourse, I ask my partner to stop and do it slowly and carefully. If there is no vaginal discharge during sexual intercourse, I use a type of lubricant to protect the genitals from damage. It prevents damage from friction during intercourse. When my male partner ejaculates, my vagina has a special reaction and I feel completely satisfied.’

What turns on the mood during sex? In this context, the sexual behavior expert of the University of Chicago. Don Lincoln says, ‘It’s human nature for both men and women to have intense sexual desire. We are all sexual. Bleeding in and around the male genitalia during sexual arousal

H is more. Stimulation is caused by blood filling in the special tissues of the penis. At this special moment, entering the woman’s vagina touches their ‘G-spot’ and gives them extreme satisfaction. By touching the ‘G spot’, the chemicals released in the vagina give more sexual satisfaction in a shorter time than at other times. Because of this, having sex in a short period of time helps to make you fresh and fit throughout the day. Some women are impatient during sexual intercourse, while others have the nature of taking full satisfaction in a short period of time.

According to the report obtained from the research, if you have sex for 10 to 15 minutes, both women and men will have sexual pleasure, the whole day will be very good, the body will feel refreshed and you will be more energetic to work in the office.

In this case, 40-year-old Martha Cooper from Virginia says, “I get 16 minutes of sex without feeling tired and very satisfied.” One is that my body is very sensitive. During sex, a lot of sex hormones are produced in my body. Also, it gives me a lot of joy and is also beneficial for my health. Also it helps in keeping my body healthy and also maintains the energy to work throughout the day. I would like to suggest to all men and women that if they adopt the right way of having sex and if they can have sex within a certain time, both of them will have the right pleasure and pleasure.

Researchers say that both men and women will get mental benefits if they have regular sex. Dr. involved in the research. Wrist offer Denny says, “Both men and women, especially in the early morning, when they have sex, it takes less than 5 minutes for both of them to get excited. Testosterone production is higher in men in the morning. It benefits men’s health. Women are usually aroused between 10 and 15 minutes. But sometimes women experience sexual pleasure (orgasm) several times in one sitting. Many men find sexual pleasure only with their sexual partners. Just as it takes a long time to cook a sweet meal, it takes a little longer to achieve sexual pleasure. A man should not entertain many kinds of fantasies during sexual intercourse. Men often sleep after ejaculation, which women do not like.

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