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How to look young forever?

Sometimes when asking the age of a person, the answer given by the person is surprising. I look like I’m 50 but I say I’m 75. In most cases, it is the opposite. At the age of 50, there are many people who look like they are 75-80 years old with wrinkles on their cheeks and forehead. Therefore, age alone does not make a person old or young.

There are many 75-year-old youths with whom I have been associated, who are living very energetic, joyful, healthy and happy lives. In the same way, there are 50-55 years old people under my treatment who are weak, sick and living a sad life. During the treatment, I used to examine the video X-ray of everyone’s heart and the blood vessels leading from it to the brain. I have seen that how young one’s heart and blood vessels are does not depend on one’s age.

The years spent after birth and the age of a person’s physical condition may not match. How young a person’s heart and blood vessels are is more important in life than the years he has spent. Life and death are also determined by this. No matter how old you are, if the heart is young, you will stay young and live longer. All of us should strive to remain young even when we reach 70-80 years. In this regard, I am mentioning here some practical measures proven by science and proven correct by my experience in the medical profession:

1. A balanced diet

Our daily diet should be balanced, that is, we should have a balanced amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, salts (minerals) and vitamins to get the energy (calories) needed according to our body’s activities. A person who needs 1800 calories daily should get 600 calories from carbohydrates, 600 calories from fat and 600 calories from protein. Carbohydrates and fiber should be high.

It should not be processed. Similarly, fat should be good fat and should not be processed. Protein should be mostly plant-based and only some animal-based. Animal-based protein without fat and white meat, fish are considered the best. This type of balanced diet helps to keep people healthy.

If you add some special things to maintain youth in a balanced diet, it becomes a special balanced diet. like-
A) Eating more fats containing omega-3 fatty acids
This omega 9 is more abundant in walnuts, lemon almonds, cucumber, parsley, sunflower, sloth seeds and some special types of fish. It gives glow to the face and prevents skin from wrinkles. We need two grams of omega daily. A handful of walnuts and It is obtained by eating a large spoonful of beans.
b) Eat plenty of protein
After 50 years, the body cannot digest as much protein as it eats. For example, if a 20-year-old person eats a meal containing 40 grams of protein, it is completely digested and used by the body. But if a person above 50 years of age eats it, 20 grams of it is digested and used in the body and the remaining 20 grams are excreted from the body. Now, if the body needs 40 grams, he should eat 80 grams of protein. Protein builds muscle. As people get older, they start eating less. If there is less protein in it, the muscles of the body start to decrease and the skin starts to wrinkle quickly. As you get older, you should not reduce protein and nutritional elements in food, you should eat as much as the body demands, but everything
You should eat in a balanced amount. The fat and muscle under it should not decrease to make the skin look young.

c) Eating plenty of fruits, greens, green vegetables
Pomegranate in fruits, greens with long leaves and green vegetables in long varieties such as gourds, ghirula, bodi, beans, green beans, etc. have special nutritional elements, which help to maintain health and youth. According to researches, these nutritional elements reduce free radicals, the harmful elements produced in our body during digestion, and also deactivate the aging process of the body.
2. Lots of walking
The more you can walk, the better. But you should not walk or exercise too much to make it difficult. The body should always be active. You don’t have to do vigorous exercise. It is best to walk five kilometers or 1 hour daily to maintain youth. Walking exercises all parts of the body. There is no better physical exercise than walking. Walking is also a good exercise for the mind. Mental stress decreases. The face glows. Bones and muscles are strong.

3. Sleep 7 to 8 hours daily
You need to sleep well to look young. If you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily, the glow of your face will be maintained. According to research, sleeping less than 6 hours and more than 8 hours a day has a negative effect on health. The best is 7 to 8 hours of sleep. The discipline of sleeping and waking up at the right time is another important aspect. Similarly, sleeping early at night and waking up early in the morning is the best habit. For us Nepalis, the habit of sleeping at 10 pm and waking up between 5 and 6 am is very good.

4. Mental stress and anger management
In the state of mental stress and anger, many health problems and their complications arise in the body. Not only this, in this case, the chemical hormones adrenaline and cortisol produced in the body dry up the blood vessels of the skin, due to which the skin wrinkles quickly. Stress and anger make people ageless

Makes a door.

5. Control of tobacco and alcohol consumption
People who smoke, smoke and drink a lot of alcohol get old quickly. Tobacco dries up the blood vessels and causes the skin to wrinkle quickly. Alcohol destroys cells and wrinkles the skin. There are also studies showing that drinking red wine in small amounts (up to 100 ml daily) improves the skin. Some scientific bases have been published that a type of antioxidant present in the skin of red grapes protects the skin from wrinkles. Practically speaking, drinking red wine alone does not make you look younger, but if everything is good, including food, exercise, stress relief, sleep, etc., adding a little red wine can have a positive effect.

6. Drink plenty of water
More than 70 percent of the human body is made up of water. In youth, there is a lot of water in the body. As the age increases, the water dries up. In old age, only 30-40 percent water remains in the body. Therefore, the body dries up, the skin becomes wrinkled. As you get older, you should increase the amount of water. In general, you should drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water daily.

7. Smile and laugh
Smiling makes the face bright. Smiling and laughing exercises the muscles of the mouth and the skin. Daily laughing, smiling, mouth exercises reduce age, increase life.

8. Maintain intercourse
The more the sex hormone testosterone in men and the estrogen hormone in women, the more youthful they are. In fact, lack or excess of these hormones plays a role in making the human body old or young. In order not to reduce the amount of sex hormones, the amount of intercourse should be maintained as the age increases. Even after reaching the age of 60, if you can have sex once a week, the activity of sex hormones will increase and the signs of youth will also increase in the human body. Sex hormones also protect the skin from wrinkles.

9. Skin massage
Massaging the skin with vitamin A cream will benefit the health of the skin. If the inner part of the peel of banana, orange, fruit, mango etc. is rubbed on the skin of the mouth, the shine of the skin will increase. Among the fruits, mango is the best for the skin. Because it contains vitamins ‘A’, ‘C’ and ‘E’ in abundance. To protect the skin of the mouth from wrinkles, it is beneficial to massage the inside of the mango peel. But other measures mentioned above should also be adopted to maintain youth.

10. Practicing yoga
Asana, pranayama and meditation keep people young. Good health, longevity, youth, and happiness can all be obtained from yoga if practiced daily properly. One or two asanas, pranayama and Om are not enough to practice yoga. Yoga should be practiced properly, disciplined and regularly. It should be considered as a part of life.

Along with these 10 remedies, you are very lucky if you have a ‘gene’ in your ‘DNA’ that will help you stay young forever. Human hereditary biological element called ‘genes’ also helps in maintaining youth. Genes determine a person’s destiny. Therefore, you must be supported by luck to always look young. Also, the environment you live in (air, water, sun, etc.) needs to be healthy. In short, it is not impossible to look young forever if your efforts, environment and luck match.

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