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I am looking for the future of millions of youth who are outside the country: Prime Minister

Prime Minister and Chairman of Nepal Communist Party (Maoist Center) Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that he is serious about finding the future of millions of youths who are employed abroad.

The Prime Minister said this while addressing the Samajwadi Morcha Nepal state-level message meeting program in Biratnagar on Monday.


In the message meeting, Prime Minister Prachanda said, “The topics that the front leaders have raised in this meeting, the support and commitment they have expressed to the government. This in itself is important. It has given me new energy.”

“This time it’s not talk, I want to do something new with work and action. The efforts made by the government to address the problems of the people have proved our sincere efforts. This has increased the trust in the people, has awakened the hope that something will happen in the country. It will break the depression, it will play a role in preparing the basis of socialism.”

The Prime Minister said, “This time, my greatest concern and concern is for the millions of Nepali youths abroad. Change, development and transformation of the country is not possible without thinking about their future. So, this time, I am serious about how to protect their interests, how to protect their safety and self-esteem, how to create jobs within the country. We have started the process of joining the social security fund of lakhs of youth living abroad. Within a few months, we will join the fund to 2.5 million Nepalese youths abroad.

“Youth want to do something within the country, it is the responsibility of the state to create an environment for that,” said the Prime Minister, “From today, I have called the Nepalese ambassadors working in 13 different countries and started the interaction. We will seriously discuss what are the problems of Nepalese workers abroad and how to address them.

The Prime Minister said, “The basis of socialism can be prepared only through social justice, good governance and prosperity. In the meantime, justice has been given to the farmers who suffered from metered use. Citizens without citizenship have got citizenship. Strict measures have been taken against corruption and corruption. The foundations of socialism cannot be laid without attacking corruption and corruption. The government is clear on this and will proceed strongly.”

Speaking about the naming of the province, the Prime Minister said, “The dispute can and should be resolved through dialogue. Some people are looking for an excuse to disturb social harmony and reverse the achievements of change by inciting ethnic conflicts. We have to be careful about that. The storm of regression should be ended by bringing millions of people to the streets in favor of change.”


“Recently, there is no contribution in politics, no concern and concern for the country, the most chaotic storm has been seen. The one who can abuse the most is shown as the leader. Obscene, chaotic, forces and trends that have no contribution and vision are poisoning the society. Unseen scenes, unheard insults are seen on social media, the worst character of the society is being tried to be made a leader, this is a serious matter for the future of the country. So we have to be careful. It is our responsibility to establish good culture, good politics and integrity in the country, others do not and cannot,” said the Prime Minister.

CPN (Unified Socialist) Chairman Madhav Kumar Nepal, Janata Samajwadi Party Chairman Upendra Yadav, Nepal Communist Party General Secretary Netra Vikram Chand Biplav and others addressed the message meeting.

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