If I am removed from power, I will protest again with millions of people: Prachanda

KATHMANDU- Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has said that he will reach out to millions of people and lead the movement against those who removed him from power.

He said this while addressing the ‘Maoist with Janata’ program at Chandragiri-2 Ghattedanda in Kathmandu on Saturday.

I have been the leader of a 32-seat party. How long will I be the Prime Minister, maybe 15 days, a month, 30 days. As long as I will stay, Prachanda, who is also the Maoist chairman, said, “I have worked with the determination that I will lead the movement among millions and millions of people against those who will remove me.”

He asserted that the coalition would last for five years, claiming that he saw that he would not have to leave the government for five years. “It’s been 8 months now and I haven’t had to leave. I feel like I don’t have to leave for five years. The alliance will last for five years,” said Prime Minister Prachanda.

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