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In search of a lover, a young woman opened an application, an application of 3,000 in one day

In recent times, there has been an increase in the trend of advertising in the media to find suitable brides.

A young woman has opened an advertisement to find @itsveradijkmans, in which thousands have applied.

A girl named Vera with the ID @itsveradijkmans has 374 thousand followers on TikTok. In the same account, she has opened an application form to become her boyfriend.

She says that she has received a lot of positive responses to the advertisement that she opened for her boyfriend.

She says, ‘Dating is difficult in 2023, I want to know who is the right candidate and whether we fit together or not. After releasing the application, my DM is full of love messages, so I can’t count. Three thousand applications have come within 24 hours.

She said that she will not compromise on her standards as she is still waiting for more applications.

She says, ‘Love does not come so quickly. I have been single all my life so I am ready for a boyfriend. I am ready to settle down and get serious.

She has mentioned some qualities for those who want to be her boyfriend. According to her, the prospective lover should be smiling and have a good interest in music and should have his own income. In addition to being loyal, you should also be interested in watching cartoons.

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