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Inspirational woman:- Degree holder Sushila Dhakal who did not have both hands but became an author by writing with her feet.

When a child was born, there was a commotion not only in the neighborhood, but in the entire village. There was a special atmosphere of happiness in the house. However, the birth of Sushila Dhakal was such an exception that the atmosphere of anxiety was added to the house instead of happiness. The reason for concern was that he was born without both hands. Four decades ago, she was born as the third child in a middle-class family in Syangja. Her family/relatives/neighbors did not hope that she would survive as she was born without both hands. However, contrary to all these thoughts, Sushila’s health was improving, the family’s belief that she would survive was increasing. It is said, ‘Every injury brings with it a greater opportunity. Because he was born without both hands, the villagers did many things after him. She heard it in the village, from the elders – ‘A snake without poison. A person without love is useless.”Eating everything in life but not eating Haresh, perhaps this word saved him. She did not let her desires and wishes die.

After reaching the age of 6, his father enrolled him in the Kalika Pravi of the village. She started writing using two toes. However, it was not so easy. I couldn’t write sitting on the bench at school. Later, his father built a wide table, due to which his writing became a little easier. Sushila started writing like others with her toe. She worked hard and left to find others. Kalika completed her master’s degree from school. She studied in Rajasthala High School. She did not dream of a rainbow when she was studying in Rajasthala High School. Everyone in the society was of the same mind and some looked at me with pity and some with loving eyes. After all, mercy and love are like the sky and the earth. Some would say, “The witch is cursed by her previous birth.” Such heart-wrenching thunders rained on his ears many times. However, she did not move forward by controlling herself. Such sharp words gave him more energy to do something and become something. His identity has changed, as a national service employee. However, Sushilalo struggled to reach this place. There are countless mistakes in life.


His study speed did not stop even if he danced with both hands. Did not pass SLC from village. After passing her SLC in 055, she came down to the headquarters and started studying at Tribhuvan Adarsh Campus. She was studying at the proficiency certificate level. Her inquiry was made by Bishnu Thapa, the immediate warden of Suryodaya Girls Hostel, who is running a hostel in Maiti Devi, Kathmandu. Thapa promised to keep the hostel and teach and bear all the expenses himself. After that, what he wanted was hidden in the corner of his mind. He himself wanted to study in Kathmandu. But financial lack stood as a mountain of uncertainty. That’s why when Vishnu was looking for a stone for him when his desire was hidden in his heart, it did not appear like a deity. Pasin Kathmandu and Dillibazar Kanya Manyush Campus IA 2nd year admission. Sushila, who came to Kathmandu in 2057, also started learning computers at that time. While studying BA, Sushila got a job at the Nepal Disability Human Rights Center. She completed her studies up to Master’s degree in Sociology from Tri-Chandra Campus. While studying LLB in the third year, he did not pass his master’s degree. It was not possible for a person without both hands to get a private job. At the Naib Subba level. It was a challenging path.

Abdul Kalam has a saying, living with small goals is the biggest crime. People are not wasted because their goals are small. Waste happens when the goal is small and it begins to be fulfilled. This is the reason why he chose the difficult path. In 065, when the Public Service Commission opened the application, she gave the exam for Naib Subba. In the quota of Ampag. Apangmaitri was enrolled in the computer class. 5 other disabled people were his competitors. Leaving everyone behind, the name came out in public service. Nasu was appointed on 9th Baisakh, 2066. His first posting was in Internal Revenue Office, Hetaunda, Makwanpur. She worked in Lalitpur for eight months after making a request to the Internal Revenue Department as it was impossible to go and work there despite getting the appointment. After that, she was transferred to Internal Revenue Office Lazimpat. I learned computer on my own. She does as much work as Naib Subba does with her feet. She resides in the tax collection wing of the office. Tax collection is done through software. She is doing tax collection on computer software. All office work is software based. The data is updated from the Internet by feet. Sushila, who started working from the Revenue Department, has been working for some time in the large taxpayer office, Harihar Bhavan, and has been working in Internal Revenue Maharajganj for two years. It is said that ‘every injury brings with it a greater opportunity.’ In life, we cry and scream because a door is closed, we become ‘depressed’. But we don’t see the other three open ‘lines’ in front of us and we miss in life.

More than a decade has passed since he stepped into the civil service. Sometimes customers come and do not see both of his hands, what will this employee do? Those who used to squint their noses are walking around the room. After not getting any work from there, they finally come to crash in his room. After seeing his work, courage and energy, they say what we have been able to do with both hands and feet, but you have given inspiration to those who are hands and feet.
Last May, only 74 Nasu level employees were recommended for promotion to branch officers.

In the promotion recommendation based on seniority and performance evaluation, Sushila’s name has been recommended as the fourth number in the revenue group and she has been appointed as an officer.

After reading his success story, Dal Thapa reached his office eight years ago looking for him. Resident of the same district. Hosteller by profession. Stock market transactions. We got to know each other there. Contact began to fail. He never tired of praising Sushila’s struggling life. In the meantime, love began to sprout between them. When the network of one mind meets another mind, the connection of love reaches marriage. Married in 70 years. This Sushila has succeeded in becoming the best 40 civil servants from the crowd of one lakh employees and has also been honored as the best employee on the occasion of Civil Service Day, Sushila. Sushila has slapped those who look down on people with disabilities and the entire society, saying that they cannot do anything.

According to the latest census, there are 2 percent of people with disabilities. With the allocation of quotas for the disabled, people with disabilities are slowly getting entry into politics and administration. However, out of a total of 884 MPs out of 550 in both houses of the Federal Parliament, the number of persons with disabilities is only three. CPN-UML has Kaluram Rai from the proportional election system, Prakash Pant in the National Assembly and Lakshmi Ghimire in the Provincial Assembly. Similarly, in civil society, there are many other exemplary characters like Sushila, like Savitra Kafle and Naveen Mainali, both officers but blind in medical language. Savitri has been commanding the Internal Administration Branch at High Court Patan and Navin Cooperative Training and Research Center Vaneshwar. This should probably be the first pair of disabled persons to reach the highest rank (officer) level in the civil service.

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