iOS 18 AI security: Apple’s new AI models may power iOS 18’s on-device AI features

iOS 18 AI security: Researchers at Apple have released OpenELM (Open-source Efficient Language Models), the company’s newest open-source large language models. Interestingly, these AI models are made for on-device processing and not for the cloud processing of data. This change hints that the rumoured on-device AI features on iOS 18 may be powered by OpenELM.

Apple’s newest on-device AI models are here

Apple’s new AI models were spotted on the Hugging Face Hub, a community to share AI codes. OpenELM is a suite of eight language models. Four of them are pre-trained using the CoreNet library, whereas, the rest of the four are instruction-tuned models. Apple has kept these models open source to empower the research community. Apple has used a layer-wise scaling strategy in these models, which allows for good accuracy and efficiency.


Unfortunately, there are no further details about these AI models. Also, it’s unclear how and where Apple plans to use these models. But if you are an iOS user or an Apple fan, you’d know that iOS 18 is set to feature on-device features. These new models being Apple’s latest on-device AI models, it’s anticipated that iOS 18’s on-device feature could be powered by OpenELM. However, that’s just a speculation. We’ll know more about iOS 18’s rumoured AI features at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in June.

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