Jobs in Israel other than Care Giver now from Manpower

The government has prepared to send workers from the manpower company to other fields except for assistant workers (care givers) in long-term care centers in Israel. Since the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security is sending workers to Israel from other countries through recruiting agencies, it has been arranged that workers can be sent from manpower companies in order not to lose attractive employment opportunities.

Kewal Prasad Bhandari, the secretary of the ministry, said that since other countries are sending workers to Israel through agencies, it is appropriate for Nepal to open up. “We (Nepal) have made an agreement to send workers to Care Giver only,” he said, “now it is not possible to create a similar mechanism to send them to other areas and Israel should also be opened up like other countries.” Secretary Bhandari said that the ministry has also given its opinion.

He said that since Israel supplies workers through open market (recruiting agencies), it cannot be stopped. He says that the government has adopted flexibility to avoid losing employment opportunities. “If we start talking about going to the government mechanism, let’s negotiate again, we will lose an attractive labor market,” he said.

In this way, the ministry said that a procedure is being prepared to send the workers not only to Israel, but also to Japan and Korea, even if the service fee and other expenses are not specified. Recently, the government entrusted the manpower company with creating a procedure to send workers with certain skills under the Specified Skilled Works (SSW) system in Japan. Meghnath Bhurtel, Secretary General of Nepal Foreign Employment Professionals Association said that the businessmen are excited by this decision of the government.

“We have been demanding for a long time that we should be able to send workers to agriculture, industrial, construction and other sectors other than care givers in accordance with the Jituji agreement between the government of Nepal and the government of Israel,” he said. , Japan’s demand has also been addressed, now we believe that the government will soon decide on the issue of sending workers on e-seven visas to Korea.’

With the removal of the obligation of the Ministry of Labor to send workers to Israel from the government level, the way has been opened for the manpower professionals to collect the demand for workers and the recruitment process. Along with this policy of the government, Kathmandu International Incorporated Pvt Ltd has brought the demand of 200 agricultural workers from Israel for the first time. The said manpower has also called for notification for the selection of workers after obtaining pre-approval from the Department of Demand Verification and Foreign Employment.

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