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Jyoti Magar is happy after Shah leaves and says: Show me these scars that have broken the shell of friendship

The news of the departure of hero Paul Shah has filled the film industry with joy. In the appeal filed by the artist Paul Shah against the decision of the district court Nawalpur, after the high court ruled that the prosecution claim was not sufficient, Paul Shah will be released from jail.

Jyoti Magar has expressed her happiness about Paul Shah, who is going to be released from prison after the Pokhara High Court heard the appeal on Sunday. She said in a Facebook status

Finally, the high court has acquitted Paul Shah… Exactly 1 year ago when he was entering the blue jacket police station in Damauli, just like our tears were falling. This is happiness…

Who is arguing with me? I don’t have a child, I just have a child, but our riotous boy, the hero of the country, was acquitted. To be afraid

Yesterday they raised Samiksha, today they are raising you when you will be freed… These stigmas that have broken the shell of friendship are being revived again. Such dishonesty is more dangerous than enmity.

Hey man, fight friendship or enmity with honesty and integrity. Never believe the stigmatization of those who play games and pretend to help themselves…

Because of which you had to spend 1 year i.e. 365 days in a black cell, show that group, those scars, those stigmas, don’t look at how those dogs run behind each other waving their tails… Finally, welcome back from the heart, my brother…

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