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Kumal Community observes Maghe Sakranti in Chitwan

BHARATPUR: The members of the Kumal community across the country celebrated this year’s Maghe Sakranti in Chitwan on Monday batting for their identity and preservation of their culture.

The Kumal Society Nepal organised a special programme at Golaghat of Chitwan for the first time.

Inaugurating the programme, Mayor of Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Renu Dahal, laid emphasis on the need of preservation and promotion of religion and culture of all communities.

Mayor Dahal shared that the metropolitan city would support its best for the preservation of cultures of Kumal community.

The programme organised from January 13 concluded today by worshipping nature. Central Chairperson of Kumal Society Nepal, Tel Bahadur Kumal, said the Society organised the fair for the first time with an objective of establishing its identity.

He further said the Society tried to bring people from Kumal community of the country together at Golaghat, the meeting point of Rapti and Narayani rivers. Traditional costumes were showcased and cultural programmes were also performed as well as training related to identity of Kumal community was imparted to Kumal youths.

Coordinator of Fair Publicity Coordinator Rajan Kumal mentioned that the Kumal community observes Maghe Sakranti as its greatest festival, adding that it was necessary to organise such types of programmes to preserve their unique culture, language and traditions as they are disappearing.

Around 6,000 members of this community from some 70 districts gathered in the programme. As per the latest census, the total population of Kumal community is 129,702.

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