Lalita Niwas case: Court issues order to release Min Bahadur on bail

The Kathmandu District Court has issued the order to release Min Bahadur Gurung in the Lalita Niwas case on bail.

The bench of Justice Bholanath Dhakal gave the order to release Bhatbhateni Supermarket operator Gurung on bail of Rs 24.6 million.

The detention hearing in the case concluded today after all 18 defendants finished their debate. After the debate, the Justice ended the court session and decided to pronounce the order by 4 p.m.

The Court has also given the order to release one person on an ordinary charge and 17 other people on bail.

How much bail were charged for others?

Keshav Tuladhar – Released on ordinary charge

Shivaji Bhatta – 330 thousand

Rudra Kumar Shrestha – 750 thousand

Balkrishna Shrestha – 750 thousand

Kaladhar Deuja – 1.5 million

Ghaman Kumar Karki – 750 thousand

Gopal Karki – 750 thousand

Binod Paudel – 1.5 million

Yograj Paudel – 750 thousand

Narayan Raj Mishra – 750 thousand

Arun Kumar Shrestha – 750 thousand

Dhruba Prasad Aryal – 330 thousand

Baburaja Maharjan – 110 thousand

Dev Narayan Maharjan – 110 thousand

Sakala Nanda Maharjan – 110 thousand

Sanjay Kumar Maharjan – 110 thousand

Lokari Ghimire – 750 thousand

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