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Maoist Center and UML lawmakers directed to remain in Biratnagar amidst formation of new govt in Koshi Province

As the political landscape in Koshi Province sees intensified efforts to form a new government, CPN (Maoist Center) and CPN-UML have instructed their lawmakers not to leave Biratnagar, the provincial capital.

Rewatiraman Bhandari, the chief whip of UML, confirmed that the process of government formation has gained momentum, prompting both party’s lawmakers to stay put in Biratnagar.

With the anticipation that the Province Chief will soon summon parties to assert their claims for government formation, lawmakers who are currently outside Biratnagar have also been called back.

Maoist Center and UML are gearing up to jointly stake their claim for forming the new government in the province based on their combined majority.

Currently, there are 40 UML lawmakers and 13 from the Maoist Center in Koshi Province.

As per the prior agreement within the ruling coalition at the federal level, Hikmat Karki of UML is expected to assume the role of the next Chief Minister.

However, the current Chief Minister, Kedar Karki, remains steadfast in his decision not to seek a vote of confidence or resign from his position.

Karki has lost his majority following the withdrawal of support from Maoist Center and UML to his government.

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