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Mayor directs contractor to expedite postal road construction

Biratnagar Metropolitan City (BMC) mayor Nagesh Koirala issued directive to the contractor for accelerating postal road construction in Biratnagar-5.

Mayor Koirala called the representatives of contractors at the metropolis office and issued the directive to pace up construction works. Koirala asked the contractor to keep the local people’s woes in lack of quality roads and expedite construction.

Koirala also discussed with the contractor’s representatives about the challenges that surfaced in the construction of the 3.195-km postal road from Biratnagar-5, Ganeshchowk to the Keshaliya Bridge.

The Bhumi Construction was awarded a contract to complete the construction by coming 1 August 2023. But, the construction responsibility was handed over to Dev and Sagar Construction after Bhumi Construction went out of communications after leaving the ongoing construction in the lurch, shared Engineer at Postal Highway Plan Office, Itahari, Dipendra Chaudhary.

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