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Now the threads post can be sent directly to Instagram users

As the active user’s number begins to fall down, Threads has brought a feature that can be sent directly to Instagram users । Wednesday A thread Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Rama, has been harassing him to bring the feature । Any post of threads directly from the figure that will be made public this week will be sent to the DM to the Instagram user ।

After the feature becomes public, any post messenger can be sent to the user on Facebook, so the threads post will be sent to the Instagram user ।

The company has also brought a feature that can be kept custom alt text for photos and videos । Through Alt Text Feature, the user may mention what the photo or video is related to or what is in it before uploading any special photo or video ।

The company also includes a new Menson button । Through this any thread user can be easily mensured in the Threads Post ।

Meta is now active in bringing the web of threads । CEO Zuckerberg has said that we will make web app public in some weeks now । Other features, including posting, replaying, can then be used from the browser to the threads ।

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