Mirror Pahara to attract domestic tourism

Damauli- Green forest, Kalkal flowing water. Water falling from a big hole. Mirror Pahara located in Ambukhaireni rural municipality-2 of Tanahun was not organized until some time ago. But now the appearance of the place is changing.

After the second election of the local level, elected representatives have tried to develop this place as a tourist destination. The lovely  Mirror  Pahara waterfall at the entrance of Gandaki province is intended to be a resting place for tourists.

With the investment of the rural municipality, work has been done to carve figures of Ganesha, mother, and child on the stones of  Mirror pahara. The place has attracted everyone’s attention since the figure started appearing on the stone. In order to develop Pahara as a tourist destination, the rural municipality started carving figures of Ganesha, mother and child on the stones here.


Since the figures are visible in the stone, now the domestic tourist activity has increased in this place. Tourist vehicles coming from Muglin to Pokhara, which is close to Prithvi Highway, stop here. Manoj Kumar Shrestha, a local, said that the figure carved on the stone by the rural municipality has attracted the attention of many.

Local Vijay Gurung said that this place will be developed as a tourist destination as it is near the highway.

Shukar Chuman, chairman of the rural municipality, says that  pahara has started to develop as a tourist destination after the promotion of this place through social media. He said, “From last January, the work of making shapes on the stones here is going on. The figure is almost at the final stage. As it started to look attractive, the movement of domestic tourists increased.

With the aim of making Mirror  pahara a tourist destination, the rural municipality has taken forward the work of carving motifs on the stones here. With the increase in the number of tourists visiting the waterfall in  Mirror pahara near the Prithvi highway, the municipality is promoting it.

According to Chairman Chuman, this work has been carried forward to attract more tourists by making the existing stones artistic. A budget of Rs 14 crore has been allocated for the construction of a park in Mirror pahra last financial year.

“We are thinking of making Mirror pahara the best tourist destination not only of Tanahun but also of Gandaki province,” Chuman said, “Accordingly, work has started to make the place more attractive.”

Mirror  pahara waterfall, which is accessible from the Prithvi highway, is developing as an attractive tourist spot. Mirror pahara waterfall is also being developed as a resting place for people traveling through the highway.

People coming from Kathmandu, Chitwan towards Pokhara and traveling towards Pokhara stop their vehicles and enjoy  Mirror pahara waterfall.

The municipality has put forward the plan of making sky cycling and glass bridges at this place. The toilet has already been constructed last year for the convenience of the general public. During the summer, there is a crowd of people to bathe in the waterfall, relieve fatigue, make videos, and make TikTok.


The water of the Siudhi river, located at the foot of Chimkeswari, the highest Mahabharata mountain range in Tanahun, has flowed and mixed in the waterfall. The rural municipality has prepared a detailed master plan report to manage the Mirror pahara waterfall. According to DPR, a budget of 10 crores is needed to organize this place. According to the DPR, it is mentioned in the master plan that a Buddha statue, railings, parking, etc. will be built at this place.

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