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Nails reveal your health status

Clean, healthy and beautiful nails enhance personality. He also explains the state of health.

Nails are an important part of the skin. Nails are formed from dead cells. After new cells are formed, the dead cells are removed and the nails grow.

If you notice any disorder or abnormality in the shape of your nails, you should be aware of health issues. Changes in the nails indicate disease.

If the skin around the nail is red, it may be due to infection.

Cracked nails are a sign of eczema, lung cancer, heart disease or thyroid.

There is a half moon at the base of the nail. If this half moon looks very big, it is a sign of lack of blood in the body. Along with iron deficiency, it also indicates thyroid and vitamin B-12 deficiency.

If the nails are very white, it is a sign of anemia, if it is yellow, it is a fungal infection and jaundice, if it is a black line or spot, it is a sign of melanoma, and if it is light blue, it is a sign of lung problems.

If white streaks form on the nails, it should be understood as kidney problems and lack of nutrition.

Follow these steps to keep your nails healthy:

Vitamin B-7 present in pulses and vegetables prevents weakness of nails.

Clean the nails regularly and gently massage them with olive oil.

Dairy products are rich in potassium, phosphorus and vitamin A. Eating this increases the health of the nails.

Put lemon and glycerin in warm water and dip your hands in it.

Do manicure, trimming and shaping from time to time.


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