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Nepal earned 3 billion in 11 months by selling Churpi

In 11 months of the current financial year 2079 and 80, churppi worth about 3 billion rupees has been exported. According to the statistics of the customs department, 15 lakh 63 thousand 390 kilos of churpi worth 2 billion 96 crore 66 lakh 50 thousand rupees have been exported from Nepal from July to May. Which is 386.61 million rupees more than the same period of last financial year. During the same period last year, 15 lakh 52 thousand 222 kg of churpi worth 2 billion 58 crores were exported from Nepal.

According to the customs department, Nepal has been selling many churps to America. Till May, Nepal has earned 2.55 billion rupees by exporting 1.3 lakh 21 thousand kilos of Churpi to America.

Similarly, Nepal has earned 27 million rupees by exporting 1 lakh 36 thousand kilos of Churpi to Canada.

In Hong Kong, 1.2 crores worth of shards were exported, while 3 and 3 crores worth of shards were exported to Japan and the UK.

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