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Nepal Peace Workshop discusses sustainable peace in Nepal


On February 25, 2023, HWPL Nepal held the 2023 new year Workshop “Discuss the peaceful development of Nepal.” This event was hosted by Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL), an international peace organization that carries out peace activities around the world for world peace and cessation of war. A total of 31 people from 37organizations, including politicians, religious leaders, journalists, and youth representatives from Nepalese We can Group, National Daily newspaper etc, participated in the event.

The event, which was held online, started with a congratulatory speech by Kopila Kunwar, a former member of the National Assembly and a female leader of the Maoist Party.


“believe that the discussions and goals shared today will be conveyed to influential figures in Nepal, creating a foundation for genuine peace in the country. I fully support HWPL’s vision of passing on eternal peace, rather than the scars and traumas of war, to future generations.” _Kopila Kunwar, Former member of Parliament and women leader of Maoist Party


At the HWPL Nepal 2023 peace project briefing, the peace project plans and directions for each social class in Nepal were shared.

It was revealed that HWPL plans to create peace projects in Nepal this year with goals such as promoting the assumption of DPCW Article 10 Article 38 to the UN and carrying out MOUs for peace education with 10 schools in Nepal.


A head of a Nepalese NGO who attended the New Year’s party said, “It was a very informative time, and as the head of an NGO human rights group, I wish there is ‘a forum held by HWPL for cause and prevention of violence’ in a situation where war, disputes, and conflicts due to violence are still prevalent not only in Nepal but also around the world.”


One HWPL official said that peace business in Nepal will create more and more diverse peace activities in Nepal and raise awareness of peace through cooperation between HWPL and people from all walks of life.


Over the past three years, HWPL and leaders from all walks of life in Nepal have done many things, such as signing MOUs for peace education with four schools and media MOUs with two media organizations to create a wind of peace inside and outside Nepal. In 2023, when we entered the era of “With Corona,” it is expected that peace movements in Nepal will become more active in the future.


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