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Nepali app Bato Maps has brought a feature to help people traveling in public transport

The new update of Nepali mobile app Bato Maps has been released. In the latest update, many new features have been added to the public transport routes of Kathmandu Valley.

Bato Maps is an app developed by Nepali youth with the aim of providing local map services for Nepali businesses and other users. Not only showing your location, you can also get directions (navigation) to go to your desired location on the road maps and also get the help of various landmarks around that location.

It is expected that this app will be very useful for Nepali users because this app also has offline features.

With the latest update of the route, now users can also view public transport routes. For example, if you want to go to Kirtipur by public transport from Thapa village, you can take the help of this app.

If you select Kirtipur as the destination on the road map and select the bus signal from the various options available above and search for ‘Direction’, various routes will appear in the result. There are different options depending on the time.

Let’s say if you choose the first option, you can walk from your location to Thapagaon Tempo boarding point, you can go to Shahid Gate by Tempo, you can take a bus from Shahid Gate to New Bazar Kirtipur to reach your destination and it will take a total of 45 minutes.

But this feature is said to be available only for Kathmandu Valley for now. Other national and international brands have not been able to provide this feature in their apps due to insufficient digitized data about public transport routes being readily available.

However, the Bato Maps team managed to add this feature by collecting data of public transport routes through various sources.

Information about public transport routes is very useful for common people. Especially when going to a new place, the user is in a very difficult situation if he does not know the route of the public transport.

Bato Maps has introduced this new feature to solve the problem of this kind of discomfort. This feature is considered to be very useful not only for local Nepalese but also for tourists who prefer to use public transport.

Tourists who want to explore the lively side of Kathmandu city can get ease using this feature of road maps. The route maps have features such as the ability to search for parking places and restaurants.

However, the company has clarified that this new feature of road maps is only experimental for the time being, so there is a possibility of giving wrong information in some cases. Bato Maps has also requested to report the wrong information in the app.

You can download the app of Bato Maps from Google Play Store by clicking here.

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