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Nepalis are scattered without getting treatment in Malaysia


Sunil Lama of Simaltar, Kavrepalanchok District, Mahabharat Rural Municipality-4 met with a road accident on February 11. He was working at Econ Save Cash and Carry Company in Gerantut, Paha, Malaysia and had gone out on a holiday.

During that time, he lost his right hand in a road accident. He is currently undergoing treatment at Sultan Haji Hospital in Malaysia. However, the company refused to treat him, who was hospitalized after losing his hand in an accident.

An appeal for financial support has been made, saying that the incident occurred outside the company and that the company he was working for did not even claim insurance. A huge amount of money will be spent for his treatment and he has requested everyone living abroad to help him in his treatment.

Similarly, Manoj Rana of Rolpa, who was diagnosed with paralysis in Malaysia, has also requested to return to Nepal with financial support. Releasing a video message on the social network Facebook, Rana has appealed for financial support saying that he is currently paralyzed in Malaysia, unable to move his arms and legs, and also has problems with his mouth and half of his body is completely paralyzed.

He said that even the company he works for does not care. He said that instead of sending the company home, he said that he would only send 5,000 ringgit, but he did not even have five ringgit. Because the company and the Nepalese embassy did not care, the treatment could not be done and they also lacked funds to return home, so they requested everyone to help.

Some of the employer companies in Malaysia do not treat any accidents while going out on duty or on holidays, so many Nepalis working there have asked for financial assistance saying that the company did not treat them.

A Nepali missing in Malaysia
A Nepalese person who went to Malaysia for employment has gone missing. Binodraj Pandey, son of Gopi Prasad Pandey, a resident of Khaireni Dhading, Tripurasundari Rural Municipality-7, has gone missing. In 2062, he went to ‘Gatherwood Industries’ company in Malaysia.

The Nepali Embassy has requested to search for him as they have received information that he has been out of contact here for a long time. If anyone has seen or met him, the embassy has requested to contact the contact number of the embassy at 0162472777 or the contact number of Cholakant Pangeni in Malaysia at 0162441415.

Recently, the disappearance of hundreds of Nepali workers who came to Malaysia for foreign employment has increased. As every week, the embassy has been asking the various Nepali organizations there to search for missing Nepali workers in Malaysia.

According to the embassy, there are also calls to search for such Nepali families who, after arriving in Malaysia, leave the company where they have their visa and go elsewhere, because of illegal immigration, behavioral problems, etc.

Nepalese workers have disappeared in Malaysia due to reasons such as being imprisoned in various cases after reaching Malaysia, love affair, family discord, death while working abroad, accidents, in the case of domestic workers, being imprisoned by the employer, personal desires, etc. Stakeholders say that there is coordination with governmental and non-governmental organizations in the respective countries to find out the situation of migrant Nepali workers who are out of family contact, but it has not been effective.

Migrant workers who are out of contact with their families while working abroad are searched through the Nepali Embassy and Consular Service Department in the destination country. Missing workers in foreign lands are a challenge in the search process due to lack of sufficient details. Similarly, the embassy says that even though some workers do not want to come in contact voluntarily, it is difficult to conduct investigations.

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