Nepal’s ‘Chuche’ map disappears in China’s new map

It has been found that Nepal’s new map is not recognized in the new map issued by the neighboring country China. In that map, instead of the new map issued covering the missing territory of Nepal, the old map is seen. China released a new map called the Standard Map on Monday. The tip of Nepal is missing in the map of Nepal seen in that map.

Nepal officially released a new political map in 2077. Limpiyadhura, Kalapani and Lipulek were also included in that map. According to the Sugauli Treaty of 1986, although it is an integral part of the territory of the Kali River and beyond, Gunji, Nabi, and Kuti were included in the current map of Nepal. The government released a new map covering those areas.

The English daily Global Times published this map on social network X and said, “China’s 2023 standard map has been released on Monday. This map has been launched on the website of the Ministry of Natural Resources. This map is made on the basis of the ‘drawing method’ of China and other countries of the world. In the new map, India’s Arunachal Pradesh, Aksai China has its share. On the map, the South China Sea and Taiwan are also said to be part of China.

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