NEPSE drops despite increased shares in multiple companies

Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) witnessed a slight decline on Wednesday, with a decrease of 0.21 points, settling at 1960.60 points.

Today, transactions amounted to 58,74,967 shares, worth 2,054 crores, 70 lakh, and 30 thousand rupees, traded 41,137 times.

The trading session saw 305 companies involved, with the share prices of 124 companies rising and 107 companies witnessing a decline.

Meanwhile, 12 companies experienced stability in their share prices.

The sensitive index fell by 0.17 points, while the float index and sensitive float index saw increments of 0.09 points each.

Among the 13 subgroups, 4 saw an increase, while 8 experienced a decrease, particularly in finance, hydro, microfinance, and trading sectors.

Infinity Microfinance’s shares saw a notable 10% increase, entering a positive circuit, while Doti Hydropower marked a 9.79-point surge.

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