Panch Bhai’s orange farm, paddy growing field turned into a garden

About 500 orange plants are growing in a field located at Aduwabari in Baglung municipality-9 Tityang. A good paddy field has been turned into an orange grove in the past three years.

Panchbhai of Bhakunde planted oranges in the field for orange farming that gives a lot of income with less investment. Baglung municipality-10 Bhakunde house, those brothers have planted 500 orange trees on 18 acres of land and those trees will start producing from next year.

62-year-old Resham Lal Sharma, who has been teaching for 35 years, has planted 200 orange trees on his 6-acre land, while four other brothers have planted about 300 orange trees on 12-acre land.

Resham Lal Sharma informed that because the house and farm in Bhakunde are in Tityang, the cost of rice production has increased and the field, which had to be left barren for 6 months due to not sowing corn and wheat, is now green with orange plants.

“We had a field of five brothers, now that field has been turned into an orange orchard, we have planted oranges to expand the field as a single garden with the advice of the five brothers,” he said. It is fixed.’

Along with Resham Lal, Tara Prasad Sharma, Laxman Sharma, Keshav Sharma and Damodar Sharma started orange cultivation three years ago on 18 plantations of land because they could earn better income from orange cultivation than paddy cultivation. Orange cultivation has been started in an integrated way to make the orange garden the biggest garden in the district and Reshalam Lal is aiming to add 100 more plants.

Keshav Sharma, another brother who is engaged in orange farming, said that there is no possibility to cultivate three crops in a field with three crops of paddy, corn and wheat, and if only paddy is cultivated, 25 to 30 muri of paddy will not even raise the money for plowing and farming.

“We have decided that there is better income in oranges than in rice farming and now five lakhs of rupees have been invested in all the gardens, the advanced varieties of Cigana have been planted according to the standards,” he said. The aim is to build a study observation center as well.”

Orange plants have been planted at a distance of five meters after applying dung manure in one-meter long and deep pits. Keshav, a farmer, said that even though orange cultivation requires more effort in the beginning, there is no problem after the plants grow. Five brothers are consulting to employ one person in Suntala Farm.

When oranges are cultivated in an integrated manner, security, irrigation and sewage will be easy. The orange orchard spread over 18 plantations has been registered under the name of ‘Arambah Ekikrit Agri Farm’. According to the opinion of the orange farmers that the garden needs to be fenced, the orange farmers can be given subsidies for garden management and medicines and equipment, informed Bhanubhakta Bhattarai, head of the Agricultural Knowledge Center.

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